Weekly highlight(s) – 2

Hello again, I have picked two of my photos that I want to spend more time on from this week, both from posts I have done for my section about the removal of knickers prior to a spanking, click here…


The first one is of Charlotte bending over for the cane, with Peter Birch suitably dressed as a fearsome Headmaster.

To make her bottom look as vulnerable as possible I stood her just before his feet, with her head further back than him. Her legs apart, and knees touching. I asked Peter to look powerful and menacing. You can almost hear her knees knocking. I also kept her close to him, almost intimately so.

In contrast, this one I took of Samantha with Karen over her knee is much more feminine. Look at Samantha’s beautiful face lost in anticipation, savouring the moment, not wanting to rush.

Let’s put our mind in the naughty girls head. Her tummy is pressing against the soft lap of her teacher, her skirt has just lifted, allowing a waft of cool air over her knickers, like whispering to her naughty bottom….’you knickers are coming down soon, for a bare bottom spanking….you naughty girl.’


5 thoughts on “Weekly highlight(s) – 2

  1. Samantha is a great spanker,but I have to admit that i would really love to see her Otk getting a spanking myself.this is a great otk shot.Thanks

  2. Can you give me a hint. Your site is so large I could look for weeks I am sure.one of the best I have ever seen was Samantha otk and getting a spanking from Kate. I have tried to find it again,but so far I have been unsuccessful.Thanks for all you have shared and created. Have a great day.

  3. i think you might mean when Samantha was spanked kneeling on the green spanking bench in “Maid Training Part Fifteen’

    She went over Miss Iceni’s knee though!

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