Friday – Part Three

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The Friday evening masturbation session, behind her locked Study door continued. The fantasy in her mind of her masturbating before her favourite naughty girls continued…

In her mind’s eye she saw herself writhing on her study floor, (which she was doing in reality ), wildly fingering her pussy as the three girls giggled and made rude, naughty comments.

“Come on Mrs.Pollard, finger that wet cunt of yours until you cum you dirty bitch!”

“Oh look, see how she shuddered when you said that…she likes to be called names…come on you filthy whore, make yourself cum for us!” Giggled Stephanie.

“Oh yes I am!! Watch me, look at my cunt! What a dirty bitch I am!” She shouted.

“Watch you? Fuck that! We’ll join you!” Charlotte cried gleefully, and they all got down on the floor around her. Obviously, in her mind, they shouted exactly what she wanted to hear.

“Look at her bottom, how red it is!” Laughed Samantha. “Has naughty Mrs.Pollard been spanking?”

“Yes, yes, yes! I am a naughty girl like you, and need a spanking!” Mrs.Pollard confessed.

“Strewth! Look how fast her fingers are going in and out!” Observed Stephanie.

“Oh you mustn’t cum yet Mrs.Pollard! Go down on her Steph, tickle her clit with your tongue!” Urged on Charlotte.

Stephanie indeed did go down on her, and her tongue flicked back and forth on her stiff little clitotis, fast…making Mrs Pollard scream as the orgasm surged through her.

“Ooooooh ohhhhhhh, yes, yes, Ohhh my delicious naughty girls, watch me, watch me cummmmmm, mmmmmmm, mmmmmmMMMMMMM!!”

More to come…


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