The Old School Stables – Part Four

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Without any finesse, the threat was carried out quickly. Her knickers flew down over her round firm cheeks before the watching crowd of girls.

“Awww www www nooooo!”

Even the Captain had to pause for a few seconds as the majesty of her beautifully rounded cheeks were laid bare before him. Jocelyn noticed the girls too, all paused, as if they had just received a stage cue or prompt. The magnificence of her glorious bare bottom had stunned them into silence. She knew it was lovely, she had admired it herself many times, but in these few seconds of bottom adoration, the affirmation that her bottom was as she thought, stunning, changed the whole scene in her mind. She pushed her bottom up. Suddenly the strong hairy muscular arms of the strong handsome Captain took a magnificence of their own. He did! He was in total control, her bottom was his. And she loved it…Jocelyn the submissive was unleashed! She was over the Captain’s knee, bare bottom up before all the girls….”ohhhhhh.”

Then it changed back, in a second…SMACK!


Her fine bottom jostled and wiggled, she pulled and writhed, she kicked and screamed….but the Captain, strong, dark, and brooding was enjoying his task. The bouncing cheeks, the struggle he was winning, the squeals and the cheers, struck all his manly instincts. He was feeling how his natural instincts wanted to feel, and it thrilled him.

Yes! He noticed, somehow this haughty woman of the 2020’s was slipping back to the 1960’s. She wanted to be spanked, she needed to be spanked, she needed and desired to be put in her place. And that place was over his knee, bare bottom up! It was then…that precise moment when Jocelyn realised she wanted him for her own! Somehow she had to get this magnificent, no nonsense beast of a man to be hers, she knew she was haughty, she knew she was untamed….she had not even considered that fact that she needed taming…until then. God! He was so manly!


“Owwww, ooooh, ouch, ouch, owwwww, yikes, OWWW!”

Face down in the hay and straw, bare bottom up high, the spanking continued, but now, in a different way, no longer did she want the girls to go, and not look at her. She wanted to show them what she had! And they hadn’t, she had a man, her man! “Oh fuck me now!” she thought, “…push my face into the hay and give me a good hard fuck, right up to the hilt, no romance…not just now, but a fuck…a grinding, hard, bottom and belly slapping fuck! Before everyone!”…she felt like shouting loudly…”Take me now!”

But no, the serious business of punishment took over the reins again, he was in the zone, this bottom, this haughty, high and mighty bottom, needed a damn good arse walloping! And my word…did he give her one!

Never in her life had she felt this, it hurt like Hell, each slap stung hard, but all she could do was involuntary push her bottom up for more she needed to display how she felt, she needed him and the crowd to know…

“I’m sorry Sir! Owwwwww, ooooh I’m sorry for being a naughty girl… OWWWWWW OOOOOOOH OOOOOOWWW!”




“Owwwwwww I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” She said angrily.

Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack! “Don’t you get angry with me young lady!”

She could not help herself testing his resolve, she needed more! “Stop it! Stop it! Stop it damn youooooooooooooh owwwwww! OOOOOH!”

She pushed and wriggled, it was a wonderful spanking! He grabbed her hair and smacked fast and hard! Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack!

For a foolish few seconds she actually thought it was over. But no! “You are so full of yourself aren’t you!? You need reining in my dear! And I am just the man to do it, fetch me a bridle strap somebody…quickly! You! YOU!! YOUNG LADY, ARE GETTING SOMETHING YOU HAVE NEEDED SO VERY VERY, LONG, A BLOODY GOOD STRAPPING ON YOUR BARE ARSE!”

“No…no no no no no, not a strapping….look, I really am sorry, honest!”

“Get yourself up and over that bail! I’ll teach you what sorry means!” Boomed the ferocious Captain!

“Yes Sir.” She said meekly…submissively…sexily.

She wriggled into her position, presenting her bottom, eagerly, ready for the strapping she so desperately needed.

…and wanted.

More to come.


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