Red Bottomed Girls – Set 16

To see more ‘red bottomed girl’ photos of mine, and more of my ‘red bottomed girl’ sets too, click here…

You have seen some of these fitted around my stories, but I have not used them all. So here they are in a set.

The photos are of Kate…

Oh I do love doing my spanking photography! What could be nicer than a lovely girl who likes a spanking, spanking her, quite hard, and then delivering a few light strokes of the cane. Then putting her in lovely positions to create beautiful memories.

This part of my studio needs studio lighting, but on this occasion I settled for the delicate natural light from a window, the light on Kate’s right cheek, in the photo above, giving the peachy velvet appearance is sublime isn’t it?

Out of the darkness looms her beautiful bottom, blushing pretty pink from a fresh spanking. It still stings, I spanked her right where she is, she has not moved since. Her knees are rubbing together. I can hear little moans from her as I click my shutter. I always like to see the shape of my hand, and thumb on a cheek.

Stay still Kate, I am moving in for a close up of your lovely bottom, imagine a man or woman somewhere in the world masturbating, as they stare at the beauty of it. Hold it still for them, push towards me, just a little with the muscles in your hips and tummy…

Oh my Kate, that is exactly what I wanted. Keep it there for me…

As she tensed her tummy up, and pushed her bottom towards the lens, I remember thinking that this was special. A strange thing to say this….but it reminded me of a moon landing! As soon as I clicked, I knew I had captured something extraordinary.

The light, or lack of it should I say was phenomenal. Just enough to reach my subject, yet, twelve inches further and it dissipates into the darkness.

Next I wanted to do a bit of ‘point of view’.

Kate, I want you to kick your legs then hold, let the green regulation school knickers have a life of their own, let them come to rest where they wish. I want the viewer to feel like they have a cane in their hand, they land a stroke and then walk around looking at their target as you settle. So, are you ready? One…two…three….whack! Kick your legs, hold.

I watch as the knickers settle and get ready to click.

That’s nice Kate, hold your feet there….lovely…click.

Now same again, I am just changing my view point.

Oh that’s good. I love how the left leg of your knickers has slid down, it looks just like the cane has just bounced off your bottom and you are kicking in pain and squealing. Great job….hold it…perfect…click!

Now one more, then a few more smacks to keep you red and we’ll get you bent over the desk.

Good kick Kate! Your knickers have flipped inside out and gone down even more! I can see the label. Lovely….click!


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