In Three’s ~ No-8 – A Lesson in Obedience ~ The Skewering Method

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Over the years I have done a few commissions for ‘Spanking Theatre’, and one of them was for a story of his centred around the ‘Obedience Stool’.

I took a lot more photos than I needed, and they have been languishing in some of my little opened files for years. I thought it was time to bring them out. You have seen a few, here and there, but never all together in a large set.

You have written to me, saying that you know of my site and my experience with wayward submissive girls, and asking what other forms of training would I advise, as an alternative to spanking and general corporal punishment. I suggested a few, and the ‘Skewering Method’ intrigued you.

You live close by me, and I said I have a girl ‘skewered’ at least once a week, and the next time I have one in such a predicament, I would invite you over, to demonstrate it. It is how I like to show the apparatus off.

You arrive at my establishment.

“Hello hello, come in, let me show you a naughty girl of mine in the predicament you want to see.” I say as I smile warmly at you. “This way, follow me. Kate is in trouble, I’ll not embarrass her by saying what I caught her doing! Yet suffice to say, she is on the skewer.”

You follow me in, and see Kate sat there with a rather serious, uncomfortable look on her face. “This is today’s naughty girl, Kate. Say hello Kate.”

She winces a little as she says “hello”, submissively and politely.

“She is not allowed to stand, she has been there an hour and has four more to go yet.” I say frowning at her. “The naughty girl, I’ve a good mind to humiliate her by saying what she has done! But….for now, depending on how she performs for you, we will spare her blushes.”

“thank you Mr.Jones.” Whimpers Kate.

“Come on then naughty girl, lift your skirts up! Let my client here see what you are sat on!”

She obeys instantly, and takes hold of her dress and skirts.

She lifts them, and you get the first glimpse of the skewering stool.

You can see that movement is limited, and she is not exactly comfortable. She is almost kneeling, and under her is a well made antique foot stool, with appendages.

Your eyebrows rise. What a punishment device, how embarrassing and humiliating for her.

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