Knickers Removal – Set 46

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Today we have naughty Kate having to kneel in the miniature rocking chair. Ideal for a good long dose of a heavy rubber sole of a size fifteen plimsol. The first smack will send her rocking forward, then the Disciplinarian has to pick up the rhythm and on her return ‘rock’ wallop her again on the other cheek. I think thirty good whacks is the perfect number for a naughty bottom on here, at its height it is quite dramatic with the girl hanging on for dear life, her bottom in a real good rocking rhythm….

Like this….WHOP! …..’yeeeeeowwww!’ …she rocks away, and cannot help but swing her bottom back to another resounding WALLOP! … ‘Owww’ which of course sends her flying forward, I recommend a good top spin on the bare buttock, to catapult her as far forward as possible. Timing is then the key. As her bright red bottom flies back in anguish, meet it with full force. Oh it is wonderful! ….back, whack, forth…. back, whack, forth… back, whack and on, and on, whilst all the time the naughty girl is squealing away. Oh yes! This teaches them a good lesson, trust me!

Before you start, make sure they have plenty of headroom. We don’t want her head banging against the wall repeatedly, that would be a tad on the cruel side, and as the secretary rushes in to see what is the matter, an unconscious red bottomed, knickerless, school girl, rolling around the floor wth eyes rolling, and tongue lolling about is not a good look! Nor is the first aid book entry….’knocked out during a thrashing’, it just does not look good, and tends to tarnish ones reputation somewhat! Not forgetting the explanation to the Board of Governors or even worse the Board of Education!

So, once the head clearance is sorted and checked….(a palm on the bare buttocks and a hearty push forward should suffice.), you can start the rhythmic walloping! Just be careful of your middle finger, that would make her eyes pop out if it slid up her arsehole! And once again might take some explaining….best to cut the nails regularly too, just in case!

Demonstration of insufficient headroom, because of course, her hands will not be on the floor, but gripping the little beast as it rocks to and fro in ernest, during punishment!
Here she is, knickers neatly rolled down and bare bottom well presented.

Then get yourself in position, stand just forward of the ‘hit spot’…. concentrate on her bottom and deliver a mighty full force wallop to get her ‘on the move’, so to speak!

By Jove! What a fine target Kate’s bare bottom is, just right for a full blooded male disciplinarian to excercise his arm on! Don’t forget to tuck your tie in your shirt and roll the sleeve of your shirt up, for dramatic effect!

Occasionally, such as a school bully, or a girl caught shoplifting, I invite the shop owner or the parents of the bullied child in to witness Justice. It does well to impress them with the little things. Sometimes I show off a little with whirling of the plimsol before I strike!

Yes, put a show on! It will enhance your reputation in the village or town and make the naughty little blighters think twice before doing what they shouldn’t!!


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