Knickers Removal – Set 47 ~ three naughty girls bending over for the slipper.

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“Right, there will be no nonsense! Lift your gym slips, and slide down your knickers. You are each getting a dozen of the slipper on the bare, you silly naughty girls. Stop blubbering, it will make no difference, you will get no sympathy from me.”

There is no point in messing about at this stage, clear precise simple instructions are needed….”BEND OVER!”

Three glorious bare naughty school girl bottoms! Soon the room will be a cacophony of thwacks, squeals and crying. Let’s look at each bottom in close up, left to right…

I pick up the size fifteen, thick rubber soled plimsol. I do it back hand, from right to left, let’s get them jumping about, hopping from foot to foot, squealing and screaming begging for it to stop shall we? I walk up and back slowly, cheek to cheek to cheek. Thwack after thwack after thwack. Squeal after squeal after squeal!!

A damn good spanking for the three of them, then outside my office, in the corridor, noses against the wall, red bottoms on show, with a Prefect ready to shout me if any of them react badly to what will come. I will soon be there with the cane and they know it!

It is lunch time, the bell will go in precisely two minutes, the sobbing humiliated girls will learn a valuable lesson.

The Prefect will allow comments, rubber band flicking on the buttocks, and smacks from passers by. They are armed with two packs of wooden rulers, any girl who reacts in a silly way, or takes their nose from the wall will have to bend over in the corridor for six on each cheek. They have a full hour, without doubt they will each move at least three times, maybe ten times, who knows? But there will be lots of howls, whacks, and broken rulers by the end of lunch. Maybe a cane swishing too if needed!

A fine example set to all.

All Hail to the effect of a red, ripe, glowing pair of quivering hopping buttocks as an example.

I am sat eating my cheese and pickle sandwich, with my secretary Charlotte. How we enjoy the sound of the rumpus in the corridor when one moves! If she is a horrid girl, widely disliked, she will be nudged a few time! Oh, listen, the first one has moved…ohh oh oh, what fun! I must say that young Prefect has got a fine swing by the sound of it.

My secretary smiles, and thanks me for leaving the door open every time I punish a girl. She says she is off to the toilet, but between you and me, I know she is going for a good look, she loves to see a Prefect spanking a girl, especially when only one year younger like these three!


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