In Threes ~ No – 9 ~ Princess Spanky takes a job.

To see the other ‘In Threes’, you need to click below. This includes the previous adventure of Princess Spanky and ‘The Governess of Spanking Dreams’ …not that her previous adventure is finished at the time of writing this, May 2022, it has only just got going. Such is the nature of my blog…some stories are finished, some are gently drifting their way through chapters of spanking…

Asa Jones Spanking Fairy Tales ~ Number Two

Once upon a Time, Princess Spanky was walking around the woods. She was thinking of all the stories that the Brothers Grimm had written, and enchanted her with. One young lady, Cinderella, fascinated her almost as much as Lews Carroll’s Alice.

She thought to herself…”Hmmm, I need a job! I need to be kept in line for all my naughtiness. I think that my lovely ‘Governess of Spanking Dreams’, should have me as her maid.

Beautiful butterflies and pretty colourful birds fluttered by. The bird call was filling the woods like a mist on a summer’s morning. A little rabbit bobbed by, smiled, tipped its hat, and said “How’d you do this fine morning?”

Princess Spanky smiled her endearing smile, bent down and tickled him under his chin. “Do you know my good Sir? If all goes well, I think I will be doing very well today, thank you for asking!”

The rabbit bounced away, whistling a merry tune.

Princess Spanky pondered a plan.

Dreams of the many punishments she might have in the Governess’ fine house, filled her mind. So she went to ask her Mistress.

Her wish was granted by the beautiful Governess of Spanking Dreams, and the very next day, a whole new world opened up for Princess Spanky.

It was her first day of employment. She was going to get a whole £1 a week, the first money she had ever earned. She was excited and nervous as she was led up the garden path by a smiling Governess.

The Governess of Spanking Dreams comforted her new maid, and settled her fears. “Earning money is nothing to worry about. Even though your wage is good, do not feel guilty about earning so much, you are doing me a great favour, and you will only be working about ten or twelve hours a day.”

How lucky the Princess felt. It was just like being in a real fairy tale.

And how lucky the Governess of Spanking Dreams felt too.

More to come…


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