In Threes ~ No – 9 ~ Princess Spanky takes a job – Part 2

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Princess Spanky had asked the Governess of Spanking Dreams to make her feel a little down trodden, hence the low wages, long hours, and the threat of being punished regularly for most wrongdoings. After just two days, she had settled into her new role, she was happy being treated as she asked.

It wasn’t like the visit to the Chastisement Chamber, where she told of her naughty drawings and thoughts about the much beloved Disney and Fairy Tale characters, this was a lifestyle.

Being a little nosey….well, let’s say ‘curious’ to be kind, she had peeped in cupboards and drawers, and not been caught doing do. It was all part of her build up to spankings, it prolonged things. She never knew when she was going to be caught, it was as real as it could be. She began to fantasise about what she might be caught doing first.

Yesterday she had fell into a trap of temptation, set by her Mistress. Mistress left some shoes out, and knew that in her tidying up, her maid, Princess Spanky, would find where to put them.

Can you see the shoe box? It is on the right of this photo. It doubles as a seat, so if you come in with dirty boots, you can sit down on it, take them off, leave them outside, lift the lid, pop on your house slippers or whatever, and leave no mess.

The Governess of Spanking Dreams knew all about the Princess’s masturbation fetish. Nothing wrong with masturbation of course, but not when you should be doing something else, or are somewhere, like a conservatory, where people like the Postman or woman could catch you.

In the box, she left a purple, inviting looking, suction dildo. Princess Spanky had found it, and last night in bed, had masturbated, thinking about her Mistress riding it…hard.

The Governess of Spanking Dreams had gone to do some shopping, and left Princess Spanky dutifully cleaning the conservatory, especially the floor. It had been bright and breezy of late, and every time someone came in, or went out, leaves and such like blew in.

To start with, Princess Sanky’s mind was 90% on her job, and 10% thinking of her Mistress cumming on the dildo. By the time she had got to sweeping the other end of the room, she was 90% thinking of the glorious, marvellous, ‘Governess Juice Coated’, slippery, inviting, alluring, wonderful ‘must use’ ‘UP TO THE HILT’ dildo, and 10% on the parquet floor….then 9%….becoming 8% ….sliding down and down to 3%.

“Oh fuck it! I am on my own, she might be hours, who knows, I have just got to use it! I NEED IT IN ME, it might still be covered in her juices…sticky or not, I’m having it!”

Hmmmmm, naughty Princess Spanky had succumbed to temptation, again!

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