In Three’s ~ No-8 – A Lesson in Obedience ~ The Skewering Method ~ Part Two

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You were quite fascinated by this beautiful girl in Victorian dress sat by my side. Just what kept her so immobile while in disgrace, what could the strange apparatus beneath her skirts be?

She had an aura about her, her sleepy eyes made her first look like she had taken to the opium habit, but as you looked into them, they could only be described as sultry. She was drawing you in, and quite obviously, she loved the fact that you were staring, first into her eyes, and then down to her pussy. The crack in her split drawers was tantilisingly just open.

She adjusted her skirts further.

“What on earth?” You asked yourself as you looked to my amused eyes, and back to her pussy. Something protruding from the stool, was inside her. You looked closer.

Then you looked back at me. I smiled once more, “She is skewered. In both holes, she can adjust, but not get up, unless she waddles like a duck with the stool between her legs. She is learning obedience.”

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