Knickers Removal ~ Set 48 – One girl at a time

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This time, two naughty girls, Charlotte and Samantha, in my study together. But instead of being punished together, like time, they are to be punished one at a time.

You have seen the punishment sequence elsewhere. This section deals with the removal of knickers, so now it is naughty Samantha’s turn…

It is sad to think that this, my old study has now gone. But even though progress is slow, my new one is rising from the ashes in my new studio. Which now has a very poash new name. I needed a postal address for it, so people can still send me knickers, plimsolls, artwork etc

Obviously I am not putting my address up here, but I can now tell you my studio name. ‘Church Studio.’ Not my choice, but the owners of the old silk mill it is in. I think it is because of the church style window I have…

Same girls, same photographer, same props… building.


4 thoughts on “Knickers Removal ~ Set 48 – One girl at a time

  1. Awww thats nice, thank you for saying so, and in these busy times in this modern world, thank you even more for taking time out to write to me.

  2. Quite well done.although it is not otk in the strictest sense it does have elements by your excellent angles that you are looking at Samantha over Charlotte’s lap.and having her skirt raised and bottom showed the way it is.fantastic.Thanks for sharing and have a great day..

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