Three’s – Charlotte the Spanking Pet ~ Part Six

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The spanking reached it inevitable conclusion, a red sore bottom, and satisfied spankee and spanker. Even though this is a relationship, pain and red bottoms are a must, so too are traditions. It is what both our girls need.

So now it was time for corner time, the last smacks were deliverd to the delicious sounds of crisp smacks on soft buttoks, accompanied by sueals of pain, and in this case, delight.

“Right you naughty girl! Your bottom is quite red enough, it is time to put it on show. Get Up!!” Ordered a strict sounding Samantha.

“Yes Mistress.” Replied Charlotte, softly. As her beautiful, round cheeks, supporting a lovely freshly spanked rose hue, pushed up.

Samantha watched it rise, gently, and magnificently. Stroking it as she did so.

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lots more to come, this could easily get into three figures!

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  1. You do manage to catch some great expressions when a girl is enjoying her otk spanking.I really enjoyed this series very much.Thanks

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