Robyn’s Erotic Words – 21/5 – ‘Girls in Uniform’ ~ Fantasy Figures

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A Mischievous fantasy figure: Alice in Wonderland

Asa has just started preparing a new story based on a set of photos featuring Charlotte as ‘Princess Spanky’ dressed in a ‘uniform’ of her own choosing, although with a clear nod towards Alice in Wonderland. Doesn’t she look rather fetching and highly spankable in this outfit?


Here is Amber Pixie Wells in a film called ‘Go Ask Alice’ produced by ‘Punished Brats’ in which she receives a long, hard hand spanking from her mother for drifting off into ‘Wonderland’:

First with her skimpy little knickers up…

And then of course, with her knickers down…

The photographer Robert Babylon produced this rather erotic set of images depicting Alice in Wonderland…

Here is a sample of the ‘Cosplayer’ Kalinka Fox’s work depicting a rather raunchy version of Alice in Wonderland. No spanking, but you can imagine it as she poses provocatively over a mushroom in the second set of images!

The Fem Dom artist Sardax’s slightly different take on Alice dressed as a Dominatrix holding a riding crop and whip. Not how one normally pictures Alice!

Sardax used photos of a dominatrix called ‘Mistress Aurora’ dressed as Alice for some of his inspiration. The whipping frame in the background is very reminiscent of the ‘Berkley Horse’.

Of course, there are many other outfits for adults now available on the internet portraying fantasy fairytale figures of all sorts (‘cosplay’), such as Cinderella, Goldilocks and Little Red Riding Hood – many of which would have the same appeal. So let your imaginations fly, ladies…go get!

Here is the incomparable Dita Von Teese’s take on the fairy tale character, Snow White:

Apparantly Dita is not averse to some spanking play from time to time! She certainly has a lovely bottom for it…

Lingerie retailer ‘Lover’s Lane’ did this sexy Goldilocks image. Daddy bear should certainly take this young lady across his knee for eating all the porridge and turn her golden bottom bright red!

More to come


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  1. Quite an amazing collection.I enjoy the otk the best,but all of them are excellent.great finds. Thanks

  2. Of course you do! I would expect nothing else Jim…once an otk man, always an otk man! I understand.

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