In Threes -No-3 ~ Rooms in a Spanking Brothel ~ Part 7

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The school girl slave was conspicuous by her absence as your journey continued. You were tired, thirsty and hungry. The next door held Samantha, teasing you with her full on nakedness. She winked, but not with her eye.

How you wanted to go in, but you were so weary after your earlier exertion, that she would probably finish you off!

You walked slowly to the next booth, and an equally gorgeous sight greeted you.

The girl said, “Ooooh Sir, I am ready for a good thrashing, why not take the cane off of the wall and give me one?”

“Oh Lord….give me more strength!” You uttered as you moved on. You turned into the next room, and saw a jolly girl. “Crikey! You look worn out love! Can I help?”

“To be honest love, I need a cup of tea and something to eat.”

She laughed.

She rocked back and forth on Neddy. “Come in and sit down.”

You sat at the desk, and soon the smell of steak, chips, fried tomatoes, eggs, and peas drifted in. She brought you a huge plate, and a pot of strong tea. You ate heartily, and drank the tea gratefully.

Then you sat her on the little horse, picked up a riding crop and made her gallop!

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