In Three’s – No 7 ~ The Train Day! – Part 6

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Ohhh, I can hear the laughter, and the sound of that beautiful summers day in my mind so easily. let me remember more for you. After her dance on the plank, between the carriage and the line side, we came across a bridge.

“Now what have you got in mind Charlotte?” I asked with a smile.

Her lovely naughty eyes twinkled, and her mouth laughed as it said…”More dancing and bottom displays!”

“Of course.” I said helplessly, I was charmed by her, as I always am.

I am not ashamed to admit it!

She settled herself on a sleeper…and listened to the distant music playing from the station speakers. It fit with the bird call perfectly, as the strains of ‘Tosselli’s Serenade’ drifted through the leaves.

And then ‘The Angel of the Rails’ began her next dance…

She can be very funny at times.

… Just as we were getting ready she said… “Just think, if an express train came on each line right now, I would be the fastest spinning ballerina ever!”

“Yes you would!” I chuckled, as her mood changed again, ready to twirl.

More to come…

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