A little weekend ‘Hello’ from your favourite naughty girls at Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls….

Your favourite four naughty girls from Saint Helena’s are having a lovely weekend away from their lessons, and under the gothic towers and chimney stacks of the school, they send you a little hello.

Cheeky girls!


11 thoughts on “A little weekend ‘Hello’ from your favourite naughty girls at Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls….

  1. What a great greeting.I certainly enjoyed such awesome bottoms and as you know I love seeing them out as well.great photography on your part and great spankable bottoms by the girls.very great group effort.have a great day.

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  3. They all read this so will read your comment and smile appreciatively….one of them sends this cheeky message “tug tug tug tug”

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