Robyn’s Erotic Words – 29/5 ~ Spanking Furniture, continued…

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A hard wooden chair or stool is of course the ideal piece of furniture for a spanker to sit in order to take a naughty young girl or boy across their laps, as illustrated below by a collage of photos from a ‘Well-Smacked Seat’ film called ‘Lessons Learnt’, starring Miss Matthews (Clara Hewitt) spanking Ella Hughes’s lovely full bottom:

However, a chair can also be used for the spankee to bend over in an ‘ingenious’ variety of ways as illustrated in the collage shown in the introduction to this series. Illustrated below is the most typical way of using a chair for punishment – the spankee bending over the chair back and holding the seat:

A set of photos from ‘Firmhand Spanking’ film, ‘An English Education’. In this instance Abigail Whittaker is being caned by Miss Hastings kneeling up on a high-backed chair. Presumably this raises a bottom to a better height to be caned?

Armchairs and settees can also provide suitable supports as illustrated by this collage from a Blushes Magazine and the following photographs:

A schoolgirl caning kneeling up on a small armchair:

Pandora Blake illustrating the use of an inviting armchair:

A Danillo painting showing a Victorian mistress caning one of her maids bent over the arm of a Chaise Lounge. I love the maid standing in the background holding a second cane on a silver platter, either for use on her own bottom or as a backup in case the other cane is broken!

Sitting astride the arm of a settee as below clearly presents the female buttocks beautifully, splaying her cheeks and is very stable. The spankee might also be able to derive some pleasure from humping the arm pressing into her pussy! The images are from a ‘Real Spanking’ film:

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2 thoughts on “Robyn’s Erotic Words – 29/5 ~ Spanking Furniture, continued…

  1. In the days when I used to collect spanking magazines each of these beauties appeared . My favourite was the full bottomed girl in the school uniform. And with the mandatory navy knickers . She would have received a 24 stroke caning for not wearing proper school knickers yes blue but not right style wears the ribbed cuff legs. You see a bottom like that needs regular caning .. One in the morning say 12 strokes
    One at lunchtime 24 strokes then the bedtime one what’s 24 plus 12. Permanently welted with purple ridges just because you can. The prettier the girl the harsher the punishment. Without forgetting a 15 minute spanking before each caning. Only short skirts allowed and baby doll nighties with see through panties for nightwear. Sorry about length of post as got over exited

  2. You’ve thought about this then!….lol….great words and lovely images from your writing, well done.

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