In Three’s ~ Number Six – ‘The Window Cleaners View’ – Part Eight

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I had to remember to blink! What a view. My manhood screamed for attention, but the only way to stay safe was to do nothing, but give all the appearance of just doing my job. I steadily wiped the glass.

I heard him shout quite clearly. “Get yourself over, you NAUGHTY GIRL!!!”

She began to cry. I felt a bit sorry for her, but she had been very naughty, and it is just how it is. I was so aroused, and when she got over she looked spectacular!

She settled, her toes just touching the ground, her arms just hanging down, she was completely resigned to her fate.

He told her to grip the other side and present herself. This livened her up, she pushed up.

The telling off went on for ages, she had let herself down, the school down etc etc. He got a cane from the cupboard and continued to admonish her as he wandered around her, swishing it.

Then all went quiet. He spanked her a little and told her to brace herself, ‘…it was time to get the sorry business done’, he said. He picked up a plimsol, and pulled her knickers down another two inches, which pleased me!

She was ready! She was going to get the plimsol and then the cane it seemed.

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