Wuthering Moors ~ part 4

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Wuthering Moors part 4

“Airing? Did you say ‘airing’ ?” Asked Jenny.

Alicia answered, “Yes! Haven’t you girls heard of ‘airing’ ? Since punishments were mostly private at our old school we aired the shyer newbies.”

 Betty mused, “I remember when I was aired after my first spanking. Two of the naughtiest girls got me during the morning break, one hugged me so that I couldn’t move and pulled my skirt up and kept it up, while the other one pulled my knickers down. I was later told that I blushed as red as my well spanked derriere!”

Louise teased, “As this morning !”‘

Jenny laughed, “We also aired the newbies. We do it when they discover the dorm and the communal showers!”

The repairing of the telephone poles and wifi were announced for the next day. We decided to continue our time travelling adventures with a sting.

Alicia teased, “Don’t tell me that you weren’t excited by that spanking in front of the whole class !”

Betty giggled, “As much as you! Although that sister with her leather hands sure made it quite stingy!”

Alicia laughed, “Next time you order medium rare!”

A peaceful night, after Antonia’s belting the one hand reading of steamy romances was more discreet. We had also joined the fun as we were offered Swedish Farm Girls and Italian Hot Tubes.

Next morning after the run Betty showed the girls whats an Italian kiss. Cheryl volunteered. “He grabs your ass with both hands, a real grab, not a cherry boy’s grab…” Betty grabbed Cheryl cheeks. “Then he pulls you towards him…” Betty gave a great demo and added, “And you feel his boner…” Just then a nun entered the dorm. She didn’t ask for a dictionary!

She untied her belt and barked, “Both of you take your shorts and knickers off and lie on those beds, I am going to teach you a lesson about ladylike behavior!”

She stood between the two beds and alternated between Betty and Cheryl. When each of them got six, she told Cheryl to get dressed for the uniform inspection and breakfast. With both hands rubbing her throbbing botty she ran for the showers.

 Then the nun told Betty. “Six more for your six demerits, its about time that you are taught a real lesson!” For sure Betty must have thought that six with the belt was real enough, but she got more than she bargained for. A minute later she also run for the showers with a blazing bottom.

The girls knew how to deal with their punished chums, and offered cold flannels for Betty and Cheryl. Alicia also helped with rubbing Betty’s well roasted buns and thighs with after spanking balm. She also teased her, “That wasn’t medium rare!”

“That was intense, I remembered when I was belted as a schoolgirl…” She also appreciated the after spanking, “Oh! Ah! Yesssss!!”

Alicia snapped, “As Antonia yesterday you are enjoying this too much!”

Next was the uniform inspection line up and another mean nun told Cheryl and Betty to take two steps forward and raise their skirts. “This is what happens to naughty girls !”

They had of course blushed with having to show their white uniform knickers and well reddened butts to everyone, but they soon recovered as breakfast called. A few cushions magically appeared, and their belting had made them ravenous…

I teased Betty and she fumed because I didn’t get my butt tanned, by the end of the day she was fuming, “I don’t care if the WIFI is repaired tomoz, we are staying till we have matching bums !”

I shrugged and Jenny gave me a novel for reading with one hand, A College Girl’s Wet Dreams. As quite a few girls in the dorm I snuggled under the covers with a mini light and my steamy book. One hand held the book and the light, and the other one was… was busy!

After one hundred pages I heard the warning coughs from a few girls. I hurriedly turned the light off and, “Ouch!” I had burned my fingers with the led light. I now had a choice pull my knickers up or hide the book. I didn’t have time for neither! The belting nun had pulled my covers off. “Don’t bother to pull up your knickers, take them off, and give me that book.”

She read the title aloud, “A College Girl’s Wet Dreams, how could you girls read such trash! If I am not mistaking you have 6 dems. Therefore its 12 with my strap or 6 with the cane, and I chose the cane. Antonia, fetch the cane.” Antonia didn’t have to go far, the cane was behind the dorm’s door.

“Your pillow under your tummy, I want a nicely presented target !”

Although the girls had seen my girly secrets when I was spanked in class I felt my ears tickling, a sure sign that I was blushing as red as strawberries. I kept my legs well closed. The first cane stroke, right in the middle of my derriere was a sizzling streak of fire. I gasp. I opened my legs and closed them. The next two were above and they were like hornets or red ants eating my bottom red raw. The following two were etched downward and they felt as tongues of fire.

The last one was across my under-curves and I remembered what it was like to be a well punished naughty schoolgirl. I had opened my legs for the last three and didn’t closed them. I surrendered.

Alicia and Betty

To be continued…


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