In Three’s ~ Number Six – ‘The Window Cleaners View’ – Part Sixteen

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Remembering to blink now and then, I carried on watching the show through the school window.

Miss Kenworthy told Charlotte and Samantha to bend over, and they put their hands on the back of the two chairs.

Her voice raised and she spoke sharply. Just what I wanted!

“I said bend over, not lean over! I want those bottoms presented better than that… “

Then came the magic words, said in a strict, English Governess sort of way. “BEND OVER!”

They placed their palms flat on the chairs. It was perfect, the tease of ‘no rush’ was wonderful, my masturbation fantasies were being acted out by a beautiful woman, and two stunning naughty girls. But as I thought of it, I had to remind myself again…”This is happening for real!”

I knew the view from the window to the left would be better, I went to dip my chamois leather in the ‘clean water bucket’, and wring it. As I was twisting the leather, I looked. Oh…my…word. What a lovely view of two naughty girls waiting to have their bottom bared,

I stared….and stared.

more to come…


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