The School Photo Day Farce ~ Incident Log Entry – 2

This is the second incident in the…

Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls Incident Log, click here to see the first incident…,


Incident 2

The Girls of Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls are a giddy, silly, excitable, naughty lot at the best of times. It has got to the stage where a quarter of my day is spent spanking or caning their bottoms, and don’t forget I have Miss Kenworthy, Head of Discipline whose full time job is punishment.

We are a victim of our own success, we are now having girls coming from other counties, so our numbers have swelled from five hundred to over eight hundred. It looks like increasing more too, we get so many inquiries. Such naughty girls, every one of them! Most have been sent either straight from court or from schools who have given up on them.

However, on the day when school photographs are taken, excitement is at a high. We allow make up on that day, and they slip into film star mode. The whole atmosphere is wonderful really, a bit like Christmas, and please, do not ask about Christmas, I am writing this on January 21, and I still shudder at their antics last Christmas. I will tell you of it later in the year.

So the weeks have each day set to a certain class, and the whole procedure takes around two to three weeks. I tend to just leave the photographer to it, with the guidance that if there is any trouble, call for me.

It was Thursday, the Thursday of last week. The shutter was clicking away at regular intervals.

Some girls are very close to each other, more like sisters than school chums. I have told you of Charlotte and Samantha many times. They are two of the naughtiest girls in the school, I can almost recognise their bottoms easier than my face in the mirror! I have punished them so many times. Yet in a strange way, they are two of my very favourite girls, so charming!

But it was that charm that talked me into saying yes, when they asked if they could be photographed together. Five minutes of pretty smiles and flickering lashes and I said “Yes, of course you can!”

This is why I have Miss Kenworthy, nobody charms her. I am strict as you know, but at times I let the fanciful charm of giggling young girls get the better of me. This was one of those times.


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3 thoughts on “The School Photo Day Farce ~ Incident Log Entry – 2

  1. We can’t wait, chaos probably followed by retribution for the miscreants

    Phew no we cannot wait……..

  2. Do you know, I feel guilty sometimes…I have so many stories running which are so long, that it must annoy people waiting for the next part of their favourite! Glad you like it :o)

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