Girl Guides ~ continued -Part 3 of another story by ‘B’

Girl Guides part 3

Next morning we were awakened by the sun peeking between the hills. Camilla and Dorothy gave us big towels, and we followed them to the communal showers. Cécile queried, “What about warm water?”

Dorothy laughed, “Its optional!”

Back to our chalet we had barely pulled up our knickers when our roommates announced, “After breakfast a few chalets will be inspected. The occupants of the chalets that don’t make the grade are spanked and given 4 dems.” We followed their lead, made our beds with hospital corners, sorted our cupboards, cleaned our loo, shook the rug, and swept the floor till spotless.

We left our laundry bags at the drop point, and we had breakfast. Sister Josephina ordered, “One girl per chalet come forward and pull a ball out of the bag…” I volunteered, and pulled a green ball. A blackboard was unveiled, and we discovered that my green ball meant shopping. Camilla enthused, “Whoa! Shopping, the best chore!”

Another chalet drew shopping. We were each given a list, and we boarded our old school bus to be driven to Tesco. I was in charge of fruits and vegies and carefully selected them. Shopping was fun, and I didn’t want us to be banned from it.

Once my cart was filled I had 10 minutes till meeting the sisters at the cashiers. The boys we had met on the train spotted me, “So you’re actually French exchange girl guides !”

“And you are Scottish boy scouts!”

They mentioned the Sunday morning service, “It will be at our campsite…” They couldn’t tell more, the sisters were back. I giggled as I noticed how other girls shyly eyed the boys.

On the way back the girls chanted, “Yoh Frenchy! You seem to know a few things about boys, you have to teach us!”

I laughed, “First lesson, boys are as shy as you!”

Cécile objected, “They are shyer!”

“They are supposed to make the first move, but you have to encourage them…”

After lunch we had swimming lessons, “Before canoeing you have to prove that you can swim. On Friday we will be testing those who feel ready.”

Before dinner we were to collect our laundry bags. We couldn’t find them. Sister Agatha from the storeroom was waiting for us with a frown. She pulled our ears as if we were ten years old and frog marched us before Sister Maria on the terrace. Our bags were emptied on a nearby table. We noticed that our glued name tags had come off.

“Oh what have we got here, something I’ve never seen before. Girls look here, aren’t these two smart? They glued their name tags, I’ll bet none of you ever tried that.”

A few girls remembered how they thought it was a great idea when they were told last night. More girls shook their heads as if saying, “Boy how stupid new girls are.”

“Agatha please help me deal with these two, you take Cécile and I’ll take Brigitte.” I was soon draped over Sister Maria’s knees. She raised my uniform skirt and pulled my knickers down. I couldn’t help blushing and mouthing an “Oh!” She laughed, “Young lady I always keep my word, and I had promised to take down your knickers if you again misbehaved.”

“Agatha dear lets give them the basic fifty smacks plus ten per items missing their name tags, what have we got?”

“A pair of socks, a pair of knickers, a bra, and a blouse, it’s 5 items…”

“An even 100 smacks!”

She alternated between my bum and my thighs. After forty smacks my bum and thighs were ablaze. I tried to keep my legs closed, but each time she smacked my thighs I couldn’t help pedaling, and was aware that I showed everything. I was wriggling and she pinned one of my arms behind my back and continued. It was la fessée as I remembered it, my derriere was incandescent and it wasn’t over. She announced fifty, and wasn’t tiring. I stomped my feet, pedaled some more, and my knickers flew. Those who hadn’t seen me in the showers this morning now knew that I am a real red head.

When she allowed me to stand up I refrained from rubbing because the naughtiest girls don’t rub! I watched Cécile and she wasn’t rubbing. We exchanged winks and defiantly pouted, but the sisters didn’t see us. I was told to pick up my knickers, and to pull them back on.

We rejoined Camilla and Dorothy and they exclaimed, “That was some spanking they gave you!” Back at our chalet they helped us sew our name tags, and before dinner we presented our kits for inspection.

“Ah so you have the tags all sewn in? Let’s see!” We stood there and watched as she checked each name tags, “Oh look here, this one is upside down, that won’t do!” I lunged forward and she just held the perfect name tag and smiled saying, “Now if you had done this in the first place we wouldn’t have needed all that fun.” Then she laughed and gave us back our clothes.

On the way back to our table a number of girls teased us for our reddened thighs showing under our skirts. “Roasted frog legs!”

At our table we were discreetly applauded. One girl said, “I would have danced around rubbing my bum after such a spanking!”

Cécile and Brigitte

To be continued…


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  2. The otk spanking is amazing.I love the positioning and expressions. Great find illustrates the story quite well.thanks for sharing and enjoy your day.

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