The Visitor ~ Part One

Continuing with my use of my black and white photography…


A few years ago, before Covid, my ‘Disciplinarian Business was a thriving concern, at its height I had a good number of clients as well as my girls for my photography. The Pandemic, and my increasing age has led to me cutting down, to be honest, I cannot see myself taking on man new naughty girls now. The ‘last girl’ title goes to Suzette.

I want to portray how it worked…

Usually starting with an e-mail, and an exchange of phone numbers after a reassuring chat. Then tea and cake at my cafe, or maybe a telephone spanking or a chat room spanking. But eventually a girl would arrive. Often nervously, and always with the promise that no spanking had to take place.

So that is a very brief resume of the build up.

The day would arrive, and I would meet her at the studio door, nearly every girl wanted to see the classroom first. I have asked Kate to play a client, having told her a few tales about them and their common requests.

I must say, she played the quintessential English female spanking client very well.

Looking very smart in a white blouse, heels, and black skirt, she arrives.

“Oh I am so pleased to be here…at last. Thank you for all the time you have taken towards this moment, I do appreciate it. Ohhhh this room, I have seen it in our photographs so many times, I cannot believe I am here.” She says as she caresses the corners of various furniture.

It’s strange, but after my first ten clients or so, I could almost predict what they would do. Of course, being a gentleman, I let each one think that what they did was unique. They nearly always gravitated to the stool.

“Ahhh the stool, I wondered what would attract you first.

“Well, it’s so traditional, and to think of all your girl’s tummies laying on it, and their bare bottoms….you know.” She giggled nervously

“Why not bend over it, see how it feels? No pressure, not from me, not ever, just give it a try, see how bending over a stool ‘bottom up,’ before teacher, or Headmaster feels.”

She swallows and looks at it…

More to come…

Part 2

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more to come…


12 thoughts on “The Visitor ~ Part One

  1. Ah a wonderful dissertation on the art of subtle introduction to our ‘mutual interest’ to a hungry and wistful yet lustful apprentice to your world

    actually dear friends these nymphs, and even more mature, abound – take a stroll around the Waitrose food hall and seek help on some vague product and before you know it yes another student seeking realisation at the hands of a kindly willing tutor…..all hail to you Asa

    “come into my parlour…..”

  2. Dear all

    As someone who wandered into the food hall I can confirm that not only was it an exciting experience it was also a relief. I had found a disciplinarian that cared, was intensely professional and introduced me to discipline in a way I had never experienced before. In fact after emails and gently discussing possible scenarios I was confident (although obviously a little nervous) about wanting to bare myself and bend for punishment. In fact when the moment came I really warmed to Asa’s persona of a country headmaster and couldn’t wait to have my dress removed panties lowered and punishment to commence..,

    Asa has recorded my journey somewhere else, deep in his blog. I will never forget what he has achieved for me.

    S xx

  3. In my opinion, I have saved the best until last. I think back to my early days in a small gallery where I used to sell my paintings. I had a cellar downstairs, that never did become a dungeon, although it would have made a special place, but I did have a room upstairs, and purchased three desks. If you had met me then…I am not sure what you would have thought….but all the years of mistakes and practice brought me into being, to be able to have the confidence to be what I am. I confess to feeling a little sad, as you know my wife has C and I am caring for her. Winter is coming, opportunities to spank and take photos seem to be diminishing as I deal with the task in hand. But God willing, if all goes well…

  4. I will never forget my perfect times with you Mr.Jones. Say hello to Neddy for me, and pat the saddle. The gallops, urged on by your crop, on my bare bottom, galloping on an an imaginary cross country course we’re the best times of my life. Thank you ….a thousand times, thank you. I miss you xxxxx

  5. I miss you too Beth, and I bet you know what I am going to share….Beth was galloping on Neddy, in a lovely riding jacket and white shirt with a tie, her jodhpurs were on one leg, and pulled down to her knees, I was whacking away with the crop. She was grinding into the saddle and about to orgasm, faster Mr.Jones, Faster!!!
    I duly obliged and whacked her cheeks like there was no tomorrow, she galloped so fast and hard, then…she gushed! All I said was…”Bloody hell luv! I think we have just gone through a water jump!”….she laughed and orgasmed in equal volume at the same time…the more she laughed, the louder it got.

    Yes, your juices are still on the saddle. I keep to my promises….it has never been cleaned, although when Samantha wanted to ride it recently, she put a little cloth on, and her riding hat….Charlotte puts a top hat on and a blouse…but no cloth, she is happy to add to your juices!!

    Happy days, but alas, as I have got older, my time seems less….I always had a chance when I worked, self employed, I could just drop in. That luxury has gone, but you are still welcome, it will just take more planning…that’s all.

  6. Hello my dear Mr.Jones xxx

    It’s Rowena here, it sounds like you are getting ready to finish your wonderful service. I hope not, I still have designs on coming to see you. Do you remember the days you did your house calls. Every time you came, my mother was out, and down you walked to my front door, from the gate, with your snooker case. I hope nobody worked out what was in! And they must have thought we had a pool table….lol. Up in my bedroom, down in the lounge, in the kitchen, and even in the garden. What adventures we had!

    I always follow your posts. Keep it up, my life would not be complete without my daily dose of spanking!

  7. I often thought that! But I could not walk down our path twirling a cane like Charlie Chaplin could I? Or perhaps I should have, and caned you on the front door step!! You naughty girl!!! I could never forget my day time visits to you. Does it still rain every Thurday??? No I am not finishing, just cutting down, with limited time to spare. You will always be welcome, you know that xxx

  8. I thought I would jump on the band wagon with a thanks and a memory. You will always be my best spanking memory xxx…..or memories actually! Lots of them.

  9. I simply loved reading these naughty tales!

    I think all we girls who have been recipients of Mr Jones corrections should get together and deliver a reunion treat for Sir to give him a much needed lift when he is in a better place. Of course we might get some much needed stripes too! Let’s arrange?!


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