In Three’s – Number 21 – The Visitor ~ Part Two

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A Black and White Set/Story continues.



She turned to look at me, almost as if she thought I was challenging her to. So I said, “You will get to trust me, I am not expecting you to do anything, and I am certainly not testing you. I would not do that, I am a gentleman. My thinking was that it would be a shame if you left, wishing you had bent over it, and maybe bared your bottom, that’s all. And in any case, if you did think that, there is always next time.”

Her eyes widened at the thought of next time, and the continuity that the phrase brings to mind. “I trust you already.” she smiled.

“Why, thank you my dear. That is lovely to hear you say.” I smiled back.

She began to bend over. Of course, I knew she would.

I am no mind reader, but experience teaches you things. They all do it, act like the are the most daring visitor of all and think that their bravery shocks me.

So to satisfy her need of being thought of as racy, I exclaimed a little shock when she reached up to pull her knickers down.

How triumphant she looked…bless her.

I thought…”Hmmm, it will not be long before you are bent over getting your bare bottom punished wriggling and screaming like a young school girl, loving every second, not wanting it to end, and hoping for more strokes.”

Of course I said something completely different. “Oh my, how bold you are. I can see that I have a real naughty girl visiting me today.”

“Oh you have, maybe I might be the one that you find too hard to put in their place.” She giggled.

“Maybe so. I am bound to meet my match one day.” I said with a warm friendly smile. But once again I thought something very different….. “As if that will ever happen, and when you shout your safe word, I will give you one more my dear…because you will be crying out for it. And you will deserve it.”

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7 thoughts on “In Three’s – Number 21 – The Visitor ~ Part Two

  1. I don’t think Mr.Jones will ever get to the end. He will just drop off the edge one day! Dead! Me, Charlotte and Sam will be black widows at his funeral, sat at the back crying. All his relatives asking…”who are they?”

  2. Bloody hell Kate!!! A bit dark for you….but I like the idea of three black widows crying mysteriously at my funeral. My son and daughter know about you three though….they will talk.

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