Samantha’s Apron Day ~ Part 17

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“How hard and for how long can we spank you?” Asked Stuart.

Mr.Gibson and Fishmeister both agreed it was a very good question.

Samantha took a deep breath, “Well…..” She said. Took another big breath and continued. “Its up to you, I am in no rush, but if you are, give me a reasonably hard spanking, say 30 smacks? Then put me in corner time and go, but…..My favourite would be lots of little spankings all over the house in different rooms and positions…..its up to you really.”

They agreed on the latter and Stuart gave her five crisp spanks on each cheek and told her to stand by the stairs.

Samantha was delighted, it was, in her opinion, ‘just right’.

Samantha always enjoys a spanking, (I know, from personal experiences with her) …but she loves all aspects, posing in positions and corner time etc being her favourites. So they chatted, about each others needs. Samantha chatted away in her apron, making a lovely sight, The three men agreed that she should keep it on.

Stuart told her to face the wall, which she did. And it was then that he noticed something quite erotically exotic.

“Oh my word, your bottom has white hand marks on it, it has not gone red yet.” Stuart commented.

The other two men joined him for close inspection.

This is something I have notice, many times. My hand marks stay for ages, then as if by magic, her bottom goes all aglow. Stuart spanked her at the table, facing from her head towards he bottom, first one side, then the other.

Here is a colour bonus….I hope you can see why I call her my exotic spankee!

Lovely, don’t you agree? When her cheeks go red, the hand prints stay white for a while, then….the glow sets in.

More to come…


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