The Naughty Gibson Girl Has to Pay ~ Punishment 1 – The Birch

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Having settled her into her room, with some wholesome food and Victorian Furnishings, I asked if there was anything she needed.

She stood straight, and quite haughtily said, “No, I know why I am here. This seems comfy, and the food smells appetising. Lets see what happens, then I might have some questions.”

I left her to eat and after half an hour I went back. I had something for her to wear in the morning. I must admit I was quite eager to, she was, as the books say, a very enchanting Gibson Girl. I knocked on the door, and she shouted ‘enter’.

She was undressing, and did not seem at all concerned about me standing there.

I placed her garment for the morning on a chair, along with some plimsols and picked up her empty plate and glass. I left cold milk in an earthenware jug, a clean glass, a plate and biscuits. “In the morning, after breakfast, put this outfit on.”

She looked at it and said, “There is only shoes and a top of some kind, shall I put my own bloomers on?”

I smiled and said, “No, just those, they are all you will need.”

“Oh, as you wish….Sir, ….thank you for dinner, and the supper you have left.” She replied in a lovely voice, and added…. “Goodnight”

I turned, and was about to say goodnight to her, but for a few seconds, she took my breath away…

The knife and fork, along with the glass trembled and rattled. That annoyed me. I regained my composure and left, saying goodnight as I did.


In the morning Charlotte and Samantha, dressed as maids, went to collect her, and left her in the room at the top of the mill where my studio classroom is. I have arranged via e-mail, for Mr.Gibson to be here in half an hour, he will not have long. The girls gave broad smiles as they passed me, I smiled back, and went into the room. She was waiting, and did not turn. She seemed to have no fear or anxiety.

“I have a question now Sir, if I may.”

“And that is?”

“Who are you? What do I call you other than Sir, anything?”

“You can call me Mr.Jones, or Sir.”

She nodded, and thought for a few seconds. “Very well Mr.Jones.”

She shuffled slightly and adjusted herself, pushing her bottom over the back of the seat. Was she taunting me?

“Mr Gibson, your friend from behind your red velvet curtain and the crystal ball will be here soon. Instead of you inflicting pain on his bottom, he will inflict pain on yours.” I announced.

She flinched, she was rattled, but tried to keep calm. “Yes Mr.Jones.”

I have a flogging bench in my study, a very old one, from Millbank Prison, a Victorian Womens Prison which used to stand in Pimlico, opposite the Houses Of Parliament. A large building, like The Pentagon, it was five sided. The bench cost a lot of money, but worth every penny. Especially now that I had a real Victorian lady to put across it. I ordered her to it, and she climbed up without question.

I saw her eyes looking around at various apparatus and implements as she walked to it, and the manner in which she mounted the flogging bench told me this was something she had seen and quite likely used before.

I tried her in an array of positions…

How vulnerable her bottom looked.

I have an assortment of birches, all made by me. The name Birch comes from the birch tree, but essentially, in my humble opinion, is a word for a punishment implement. Basically bound twigs. But they do not have to be birch, and a myriad of tree branches were used, the most effective was reputed to be Hazel, and these were used in Millbank prison, on this very bench for flogging female miscreants.

It seems the straightness of the twigs was perfect for good hard floggings and aiming for particular areas. Whereas birch is wide spread, and although the numerous buds inflicted pain like a ‘thousand bee stings’, the strength of the Hazel enabled more thwacks before breaking into many pieces. Allowing a prolonged flogging

I went out months ago,looking for the straightest hazel I could and made myself one…

And thus so, I left her like this, for Mr.Gibson…


Now then Mr.Gibson, this is my gift to you. In real life she waits as so…

You have been my most regular comment leaver, and a valued contributor, I offer you my dear Kate to spank, as a thank you.

So please choose a date, and arrange a visit to my studio for the first time.

There are no conditions, however, I would love it if you wrote an account of your visit for my readers.

I await your reply as a comment…


and of course…

more to come

10 thoughts on “The Naughty Gibson Girl Has to Pay ~ Punishment 1 – The Birch

  1. This is a great piece of work. Magnificent writing and photographs (and an even better model).
    I hope we get to read another instalment in the near future. Thank you for warming me up on this cold afternoon

  2. Such a scenario dear friend Asa and dear Kate, my Gibson Girl, awaiting attention

    I note she needs a spanking and of course if I must then I must, however I think afterwards Kate will thrill to the birch so conveniently arranged

    Kate my sweet one what are your thoughts as we prepare for this event, I wonder too whether you are a screamer, I like my girls to express themselves and to release their inner sluttishness and questionable desires when put to the birch, your thoughts please, though mind your language…

    Under the birch of course I expect you to be quite free in your expressiveness, would you, I wonder, need emerald soft silken ropes to restrain you in the desired position, scarlet are available to your whim though – tell me sweet one, we are, after all, beholden to you………

    Mr G

  3. Argh – Asa I did a comment and then whoosh – did it fly if not do let me know as I’m more than taken with this colourful scenaria you present, or is that scenario….

    Argh technology

    Mr G

  4. What a great story love the fact that the beautiful Kate was made to strip out of her normal clothes and don the Gibson spanking uniform, the school plimsolls were a real brainwave.

  5. I know with certainty that Mr.Jones will only pick kind nice men. So I look forward to meeting you and baring.

  6. I wonder what Miss Kate means when she says “i look forward to …baring”

    Baring what ?

    She couldn’t, wouldn’t…. would she – It may be the influence of that other nymph who flits in and out of our consciousness, yes Miss Suzette

    Asa pass me the birch ………..and yes, line up girls, time for just desserts

  7. Well….I am planning and thinking, and am quickly coming to the conclusion that Suzette ought to be there.

  8. Great poses (Kate), photography and Lighting (Asa). This is going to be a memorable day for Mr Gibson! And for Kate, no doubt.
    I wonder what tales the Millbank Birching Bench could tell and if there are records or accounts of its use?

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