Two Naughty Waitresses – Part 18

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Part way through doing ‘threes’ I decided that they were taking a bit long and now do multiples of 3 in a part…


The riding crop finished in a fast flurry, both the naughty waitresses dancing rapidly in their ropes.

Sweating and gasping heavily after their spanking exertions, the three women calmed down, it was time to do something they all enjoyed very much. Mistress untied them from the serving counter, telling them to trot like little ponies. “Giddyup girls! Knees up!” …smack, smack, smack…

The girls brought their hands up to their chests and trotted.

She galloped them out of the door, and turned them around, it was time for a bit of training for the ponies.

“Now sit down my dears.”

Kate and Charlene got down on their haunches, smiled at each other and kissed.

“Did you enjoy being spanked before the customers, and thrashed by me afterwards?”

“Yes very much Mistress.”

“Ohhh we did, it was fabulous Mistress.”

“Then I need my usual reward.” Said Mistress, in her quiet soft voice.

The two girls looked at each other knowingly. Then waited for their commands.

“Hands up!”

“Stand and trot for me….knees high, look like the graceful ponies we have in the field, and whinney!”

The two girls stood, and began to trot and whinney, like smart little ponies.

Round and round they galloped, their breasts bouncing and bottoms wiggling and jiggling up and down and side to side.


“Into riding position.”

The two girls assumed a well known position to them, and their Mistress mounted.

Charlene gripped a suction dildo between her feet and Mistress watched as she galloped. Both Kate and her pony friend told their Mistress exactly what she wanted to hear….

“Oh we love to go at a spanking trot for you after you have spanked our bare naughty bottoms, oh we love a good spanking Mistress…..”

And as she ground her clit into Kates back, listening to the word ‘spanking’ said as often as they could, she galloped to a wonderful orgasm!

This was all acted out at one of my events, everyone loved it.

The end of this story, hoped you liked it!


One thought on “Two Naughty Waitresses – Part 18

  1. You know I’ve always liked this set …………..
    Kate looks lovely as usual and I’m really intrigued as to who the lovely dom girl is in the sequence. She holds herself so well and that skirt is just incredible …………

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