A taste of what is to come…

Just what I needed today, my last visit to my studio saw me get some criticism of the state it is in and how slow I am….lol….I am 72!!

But it was a fair comment, and I have cancelled shooting and events and am concentrating on it. Two new walls, two new doors gives us our own entrance now with a new room thrown in. Radiators being fitted and more.

I have been busy today with my valuable assistant, Charlotte. We worked on her specialist area, bondage. She is a strong young lass and helped me a great deal, although watching her bottom in those stretch yoga pants tested my reserve!

I had four hours to spare, which is very rare for me, so spent it down at the studio. Towards the end, temptation took hold. Its the only thing I cannot resist…temptation….so just one thing in life is not bad is it?

So I said, ‘Shall we spank and do a little shoot?”

She said…..”Oh thank God! I thought you were never going to ask!!”

So I carried on with the girls in gym sets, and chose bottle green knickers for her today. I gave her a lovely spanking, and a lovely little caning in this position….sigh……dreamy sigh…..::BIG DREAMY SIGH::

After last time it was perfect, and all of a sudden my studio is my warm welcoming friend again….like Charlotte is .

So back to normal.

Strange how sharing my thoughts with you is so good for me, thanks for listening!


12 thoughts on “A taste of what is to come…

  1. I do like clothed/unclothed pics.In the first we see a fully clothed Charlotte provocatively pushing out her naughty bottom in those stretch pants.If that was all we had then our imaginations would run wild,but lo,in the second we see her magnificent arse except this time unclad,pushed out as before and awaiting attention.How many nips of the rod of correction did you apply after her little warm up spanking?

  2. Great to see Charlotte astride the horse with her back arched…..I hope we get to see the rear view?

  3. Oh yes Max mate, you certainly see the back view, and her climbing on is something too….almost a bit comedic. Nice to hear from you again. Hope to see you again later in the year.

  4. To be honest, quite a lot and fast, but only lightish…I enjoy that, working my way up and down the bottom around the curve of her cheek. Lots and lots of little stingy lines, just enough for me to hear quick…oooh, owww, ouch, ooh, ow, ow,…her bottom wiggled about quite magnificently. I gave her a few on her sit spot which made her ride up like a horse rider, bobbing up and down. None enough to mark….but enough to make her squirm in delight. Have a good day OC

  5. Glad to hear that we’ll get to see the rear view.A visual delight awaits I am sure.Sounds like a good time was had by all with regards to Charlotte’s little bottom warming.

  6. Pleased that ‘almost’ normal service is close to being resumed Asa. Just un-cage those restless ferrets that make your brain become creative. Sounds like great progress on the studios and your ‘mind plan’ (plus Charlotte’s suggestions) is pointing towards your goal being achieved. Well done and all the best with whatever lies ahead. Shout out when you need to, I’m not that far away.

  7. Thank you David, as always. It is a matter of timing, and availability that’s all…but yes, I am getting there.

  8. Yes, it makes me feel mushy remembering it. We are all very close and I have it right in my head. I am like a favourite strict uncle to my girls, that’s all. They love me as that, and I am grateful for every second. I know sometimes I talk of us as almost ‘having a thing’, but I know perfectly well that I am 72 and they are so very young. We have something me and my girls, that is special to us, it is a two way thing between us all, an older disciplinarian and girls who need a spanking… it is perfect.

  9. Believe it or not Asa.I know what you mean exactly.I am never more happy than when I am with those oh so naughty girls that I have come to know myself.I know men in their eighties who travel many miles to parties,I think it is what keeps them going,I really do.

  10. My dear Old Codger…I sort of knew you would. 50 on the inside 70+ on the outside eh?…works for me.

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