Over to You ~ Results of Number 1

Earlier this month I offered a new sort of contest, too many good entries were not getting through, so instead of just the first being published, I am picking what I think are the best entries.

Number One ~ A visitor to my Study

Two Crackers came for our first one, where I asked you to be a visitor coming to my study to see me, and you find Charlotte with her nose to the wall with a red bottom.

Ladies First….from Jean Marie

Dear Asa,

For your writing competition Number 1 on Charlotte… (She’s just too evocative not to write about!)

“Headmaster Jones, I’m Jeanie from classroom 7. My teacher, Miss Ray, says that she needs you right away… Something about a badly behaved Samantha, who needs another dose of your belt…””God, what a day! Every discipline problem in the school seems to have chosen today to show us the worst she’s capable of! Jeanie, stay here and watch Charlotte; she’s not to move a muscle while I’m gone…”

“Yes, Sir,” I reply and he’s gone, removing his thick leather belt from the loops around his waistband as he goes.”So… You just got your bum thrashed…” I say, moving closer to inspect the handiwork.

“No shit, Sherlock,” Charlotte responds without moving anything else but her pretty mouth.

“Let me guess… you got a dozen with the leather tawse, followed by 6 of the best with the cane…” My face is now a mere inch from her glorious bottom.

“Wrong. The old fart started with a hand spanking over his knee, but I laughed derisively, saying that it didn’t hurt a bit. So then he used the tawse, and I still managed to scoff. That’s when he got the cane off the hook and gave me stripes…”

“And it turned you on as much as it hurt, didn’t it?”

“Why do you say that?” Charlotte asked.

“Because I can smell your arousal…” I stuck my tongue out and pressed it into that sweet juncture where her fulsome buttocks met her thighs. By pressing my face into her ass crack, my tongue reached her swollen vaginal lips. I tasted what I’d smelled; it was as sweet as peach nectar, as slightly fishy and very salty, as the ocean, as forbidden as sin. I trailed my tongue along her slit, crossed the divide of her sensitive perineum, and up Charlotte deep ass crack, linger to edge her rosebud before licking up the pink, soap-smelling divinity of her divide, before kissing her on the naughty tattoo of the ribbon’s bow/tramp stamp this juvenile delinquent had gotten while on summer vacation just last year. A mark that branded her so desirable in my eyes. Charlotte moaned, letting me know that my efforts were appreciated.

“I’ll do that all night long if you come to my dorm room tonight, it’s room 735 of Hanes Hall…” I whispered as I got off my knees to stand where I had been. “But first I need to assure that you’ll be sufficiently randy…”

Headmaster Jones was back from his errand, putting his belt back on with a stiffy bulging from behind the fly of his khaki pants.”Did Charlotte stay in position?” he asked me as he closed his office door behind him.

“Well, she kept her backside stuck out, but if any of her punishment was to address that smart-ass, sharp tongue, it hasn’t done the job, Sir. She cursed me continuously the whole time you were gone!”

“Is that so? Back over the punishment stool, Charlotte! Jeanie, would you care to stay and observe a proper caning?”

“Why, thank you, Headmaster, I would…” I positioned myself near Charlotte’s head, close enough so that the pretty blond would be sure to smell the arousal this was causing me under my short, pleated skirt.

Headmaster Jones did a masterful job of whipping Charlotte long and hard. For her part, the pretty blond tried to mask the lascivious manner that she rubbed-off on the stool’s edge as he belabored her buttocks with the cane.

And I tried to look innocent and demure as my pussy blossomed, and began leaking steamy jism. I could barely wait until Charlotte would come knocking at my door after lights out tonight…

I hope you like my story, Asa! I hope that Charlotte feels complimented; her charms get to me like nothing else.


Jean Marie


I loved it! Brilliant and erotic, I am sure I could smell and taste it!


And now, from Fishmiester… a friend of mine with a Naval background…

In the dimly lit study of Asa’s Studio, a debonair old Naval Warrant Officer named Fishmiester awaited the headmaster’s return. As he sat eagerly, with anticipation, his eyes wandered to a corner where a young girl stood, her back facing the room.

Curiosity piqued, Fishmiester observed the girl. She was barely in her school uniform, her posture rigid as she faced the wall. Her long, straight blonde hair cascaded down her back, adding a touch of innocence to her punished appearance. Noticing a detail that surprised him, he realized Charlotte was bare-bottomed, her punishment evidently more intense than he initially thought. Her green knickers stretched tautly between her parted knees.

After what seemed like an eternity, Asa entered the room, his authoritative presence filling the space. “Ah, Fishmiester, thank you for waiting. How was the tea? If it was not to your liking I will thrash Kate, for it was her who made it” he said

As Fishmiester settled back into his seat, he couldn’t help but inquire about the girl in the corner. “Who is she?” he asked, his voice barely above a whisper, tinged with excitement.

Asa sighed, his expression somber. “That’s Charlotte,” he explained. “She’s a bright girl, but she’s been struggling with her behaviour lately. This is her second time in my Study this week.”

Fishmiester furrowed his brow, sympathy mixed with arousal filling his chest. “What did she do?” he inquired softly, his curiosity now bordering on excitement.

“That is irrelevant,” Asa replied, his tone tinged with disappointment. “Normally, I would have to let her go, but I believe in second chances. So, she’s spending some time in reflection, facing the consequences of her actions. Her red, sore bottom a reminder of the Standards required at my Emporium.

As they spoke, Fishmiester couldn’t help but steal glances at Charlotte. Despite her punishment, there was a resilience in her demeanor, a determination to learn from her mistakes and grow stronger. Yet, the view of her punished rear was a stark reminder of the consequences of her actions, stirring unexpected emotions within him.

Moved by the sight, Fishmiester couldn’t help but reflect on his own past, recalling moments of both triumph and regret. He realized that, like Charlotte, everyone faces challenges and must learn to overcome them.

With newfound respect for Asa’s approach, Fishmiester left the study that day with a deeper understanding of the importance of discipline, forgiveness, and the journey toward self-improvement. And as for Charlotte, her time in the corner would serve as a turning point in her academic journey, propelling her toward a future filled with promise and redemption.

Well done matey! Good job!


Thank you, I am very pleased with the results.

More chances to display your writing skills soon…


3 thoughts on “Over to You ~ Results of Number 1

  1. St Hilder’s was a school for errant males, by order of the governors it was staffed only by women,
    On arrival those lads who thought they would be in for an easy time got their first big shock, although most of the lady teachers were probably only in their twenties they were very strict, little things in the admission process were designed to belittle the lads and take away any cockiness they had, on arrival the lads were made to strip and shower under the watchful supervision of several teachers, the timing of their showers was set so as many teachers as possible could attend, being seen by the teachers naked was one of the keys to bringing the lads down to size, after the lads had showered they were made to line up still naked for the next stage of their induction a haircut, here they made to watch as one by one each was given a simple basin cut the rule was that hair must be at least one and half inches above their ears, a after the first cut the lads were expected to cut their own hair with the aid of basin in the dormitory when their hair got longer than the regulation length, punishment was swift for those that got caught with hair over the regulation length in the form of a much shorter cut paired with the removal of their eyebrows too ! Of course pubic hair also had to shaved off “for hygiene” though in truth it was another aid to bringing the lads down to size, this was of course also carried out under the watchful eyes of the teachers present. The lads were now ready for their medicals which were carried out by the school nurse again with no privacy indeed the nurse would often point out things about the lad calling the teachers over for a closer inspection, regardless of the looseness of their foreskins all the lads with foreskins would be referred for circumcision again for hygiene reasons, the lads now still naked had their pictures taken “for the school records” quite why their genitals were also pictured in such detail they had no idea, it was now that the lads were due a taste of schools discipline there were six teachers present each was seated some held a plimsoll in their hand, little did the lads know regular maintenance spanking were a feature of the school, some of the ladies preferred to simply use their hands to spank while others had their own plimsoll especially for this purpose Now relieved that no more humiliation could come their way “could it” the lads were off to be kitted out but still naked they were marched to the other side of the school unable to offer any protection to their privates as they were ordered to march hands on head.
    They were taken to the gymnasium and pointed to a box of discarded well worn plimsolls they weren’t in pairs just odd plimsolls each lad was then charged with picking out a left and right slipper in his size this was added by the fact that each plimsoll had it’s size painted in white on it’s faded black canvas upper, once each lad had been kitted with plimsolls they were made to run around the playground to test the fit of their plimsolls before being issued with secondhand shorts and vests, which would form a temporary uniform

  2. Crikey Fred, you have excelled yourself, I bet you lived every word…I can tell….I can imagine your fingers like bees wings as you wrote it all down before some slipped out of your mind. Well done!

  3. Did you ever read my story of Cromlechville before I had to take it down? I have replaced it with a new one….it has a long long long way to go to get back to what it was….but I recommend you try it, seeing as a photo shoot of this (or similar) will be done for it. Thanks for the inspiration!

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