Gibson Curiosity – Number 17

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In between all my stories and photo sets, you find things like this, or things from other contributors, it gives me a little break. To keep posting with a story or a set every day, would be a bit too much for me to do, some posts take a lot of planning and more than the time I allow in a day to write.


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Number 17…

Today we are going to take spanking, where nobody has boldly taken it before, at the helm will be Captain Kirk. Yes, that’s right, Star Trek! We are off to the Final Frontier!

We’ll just let him finish spanking one of his female crew members, as Mr.Spok watches…

“Now stand up, pull your knickers up, and go back to the bridge, and any more mistakes like that and the spanking will be on the bridge itself!”

Good old Captain Kirk, me and my Dad used to watch the episodes together, a lovely memory of mine that I treasure.

I think it was one of those shows right on the cusp of men being men of the 60’s and moving on to today’s, version of a man. Nothing wrong with the men of today, one has to accept change. But I am glad I was born in 1951, and was formed into what I am now, by men and women, of that time.

In one episode, (Series 3, Episode 13), Captain Kirk threatened to spank this lady…

In the episode, Kirk is ferrying two dignitaries to Troyius. One is a Elaan, who is to be married to Troyius’ leader, the other is a Troyian ambassador who is supposed to teach her manners on their way. Elaan acts like your stereotypical spoiled brat/rock star. Destroying her quarters and refusing gifts from the Troyian ambassador. She expects everyone to listen to her orders.

At one point after exchanging face-slaps with Kirk, Kirk grabs her arm,and threatens to spank her. Which then leads to this…REMEMBER THE WORDS ON THE SCREENSHOT, I will refer to them later.

Kirk claims that all women throughout the galaxy are ill-tempered, illogical beings, Elaan does throw a major tantrum and stabs an Ambassador of the planet Troyius.

Kirk reacts by threatening her the way only Kirk can: “If I touch you again, ‘Your Glory’, it’ll be to administer an ancient Earth custom called a spanking.”

Elaan obviously likes being told off and put in her place, and the respect she has for Captain Kirk ends up with her using chemicals in her tears to make Kirk fall in love with her.


She then asks, in a sexy moment between the two: “Captain, that ancient Earth custom called spanking… What is it?”


Good old Captain Kirk, he spread spanking to THE FINAL FRONTIER, just think, a blushing pink planet might be full of women right now, wanting spankings and worshiping the Spanking God of Jones…::chuckle::


2 thoughts on “Gibson Curiosity – Number 17

  1. James Tiberius
    A doyen of cool. I wonder how many times Uhura or Nurse Chapel went over his lap for some interstellar punishment. Or for added humiliation a trip down to the engine space for some Scottish Tawsing on the bare from Scotty.
    Must go watch Star Trek on catch up…….

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