Black and White Set ~ 32

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Miss Kenworthy is in the Detention Room, Charlotte is staying behind. She walks around the room and notices Charlotte with a smile on her face, scribbling away. When she walks towards her, she turns the papers over.

“Hmmmm, Charlotte, you lines are very neat, now turn your papers over, and let me see what you have been busy at!” Miss Kenworthy says crossly.

Charlotte fumbles and stutters.

“I suppose you are going to tell me that this childish, naive, artwork of two testicles, and a penis with sperm coming out was on the papers when I gave it to you?”

“Errrr….it….I…I….I…was, it was….er….ummmmmm.”

“Oh just admit it girl! That was clean paper, there has only you been sat with it, I have certainly not drawn it, so….one does not have to be Sherlock Holmes to work out who drew it! So instead of you writing your lines and going home, the lines you have done are going into the bin, you are getting a spanking and then writing twice as many lines as you were before! This time, PRINTED neatly in Upper Case!” Announces Miss Kenworthy, who follows it up by adding, stand up!”

Charlotte puts on her sulky bottom lip face and stands up.

“Come on, do not dilly dally, as soon as you are up, bend over the desk!” Miss Kenworthy urges. “Put your hands flat on the desk in front.”

Charlotte does as she was told and puts her palms flat on the desk in front, no sooner are they there, than her skirt is raised.

Miss Kenworthy cannot help but think what a beautiful sight Charlotte’s bottom is in her tight knickers.

Soon afterwards her thumbs are hooked into the waistband of Charlotte’s tight knickers and are tugging them down.

“Good Lord Charlotte! I hope your Mummy knows about you tattoo, because rest assured that on Friday night’s Parent’s Evening, I will tell her. No doubt she will ask how I come to see it, so she will find out about this spanking too, and I know your Mummy very well indeed young lady, and I can safely say that your knickers will be coming down again when she gets home!” Threatens Miss Kenworthy.

Charlotte groans.

Charlotte feels the cool air of the classroom drift over her bottom via the light breeze coming in through an open window. It alerts her to the nakedness of it. She is proud of her bottom, and spends a lot of time feeling it and looking at it in the mirror. She is nervous of the spanking, yet very pleased that Miss Kenworthy has seen it.

Miss Kenworthy begins to spank her cheeks, and loves the way the ripples run through them and wobble too.

Sadly the black and white hardly shows up the blushing cheeks of Charlotte’s bare bottom, so here is a colour one…

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