I am having an admin day today….but a little amusement to keep you going. And…ta dah!! My new studio is now open!!!!!!!!!!!!

The last ten black and white sets, the last ten colour sets, lots of P.E. Kit stories etc need adding to the pages, and I am spending today getting everything up to scratch, like I do now and then (allegedly…lol).

That is why the contributor days are so good for me too, it gives me chance to catch up!

TradCP has sent me this, he has used a face you all know, I am sure you can work out who it is…

Worked it out?


I have had to make a few decisions… But first let me tell you, I will still be blogging every day if I can, and cannot see many reasons why not to be honest.

BUT, consider this…

I started this in 2017, on average I get 3000-3500 visits a day, somedays more…6000+ the other day, but never less.

I think a lot of them are the same people coming to look at different things, so, realistically, if an average person looks at 3 things, then goes off to another site, that equates to 1000 followers. So 7 years has got me 1000 followers.

I joined Twitter again, now called ‘X’ last year, my first post was on Nov 22nd.

In eight months I have now got 1000 (near as damn it) followers, and a lot of them are the rather well known spanking people. People wanting to team up etc.

1000 followers in 7 years…. or 1000 followers in 8 month…..FACT ONE

Three days ago I advertised my first event in my new studio, to my club members. INTEREST IN IT = 0…..not one club member replied.

Hmmmm, I thought…. “I wonder what would happen if I mentioned it on Twitter/’X'”

In one day, four events are full.

Peter Birch the famous spanking author is coming to shoot my girls, in a joint shoot.

Miss Iceni is booked with Matilda, and my three girls.

A man has volunteered to come and photograph me spanking my girls for the new ‘MrJones Spanks section.’

The event I spoke of where I wanted some naughty boys to join Cromlech and five women, on here I got…..since April….one

On Twitter……All the empty places are now gone. and are now joining the above and Cromlech in an October shoot.

Yes, I am happily booked until November, some in events, others with me and my girls and of course Suzette :o)

So….sorry club, I will still ask, but from now on, my followers on ‘X’will get first chance.


THE STUDIO!!! Woo hoo!!!!! I still have bits to do, but am now happy to use it.

This is the worst bit, a dumping ground, but it will be my cafe, where customers are served tea and cake by my girls in maids or waitress outfits. Any cheek or spillages…. mean spankings! It will be called the ‘Blushing Buns Cafe’, and will incorporate a shop. I am going to paint three or four blushing bottoms on the wall to the right!

But what interest us, is what is through this door…

I open the door, “After you, the upstairs section of the Spanking Emporium is now open for business.”

You follow me, like people of ‘X’ do!!…..::chuckle::

We have a classroom/detention room, one has to pretend that is next to the Study you all know so well, but in reality is is at the other end of the mill, down a steep flight of stairs.

It is a little tight, but with movement during a shoot, it is perfectly okay.

We have a Victorian room, which leads into Mr.Walters Punishment area.

You peep through the door, and go “Oooooh, that looks nice!”

This is Mrs.Walters Punishment Area, they go together really…

That’s the door we came through before you. We turn left, to the bedroom.

It needs carpet tiles, but we can borrow the pink carpet from the Victorian Set for now, I have the tiles, just need time to lay them!

There are lots more corners, with a fully equiped dungeon area too, and the Study now has a lounge area for spanking naughty schoolgirls who come home with a bad report!

But today, Charlotte and Kate worked like little troopers with me, to get it to this stage. We can work on the rest around shoots. I was going to put them in school uniform for you, but we had got warm working away, so I suggested…..

“Why don’t you get naked, and I’ll take shots of you to show the studio off?”

They both agreed….”Yes Boss.” “Good idea Mr.Jones.” Came their replies…


Starting tomorrow, a fleshy sort of tour of the studio rooms and corners.

Charlotte and Kate look at you, in the cheeky way they do, and ask…

“Would you like to follow us?…..On a tour of the studio?”

Fleshy Tour Part 1, coming soon!

more to come…


18 thoughts on “I am having an admin day today….but a little amusement to keep you going. And…ta dah!! My new studio is now open!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. The studio is looking great, especially when it is adorned with 2 absolutely stunning ladies. How quick is Kate getting undressed lol – I love her CGI by the way xxx More to come (literally) in the future I hope too.
    I did not respond to the Event because as you know I am unable to currently make it to any.
    I was following your old Twitter (which has been suspended) and did not realise you had a new account which I was not following
    Looking forwards to the naked guided tour of the studio

  2. What a lot of work you’ve done – very impressive if I may say so. You put everyone to shame with your commitment and determination and the results are incredible!
    Well done to all involved ………

  3. Thank you John….you must come down to see it and meet my girls. A reward for all your comments!

  4. The tour starts today, a link to my Twitter/X in on the main page…so you can click on it. I look forward to seeing you there.

    Everything is fine on the events part now. Have a good day Fishmiester. I am now planning shoots and all sorts, still lots of little jobs to do, but no rush any more.

  5. It is an amazing achievement; fantastic venue and I d hope to get up to you one day to meet you and the girld; they are so lovely

    Must say Kate looked very keen to get naked- such a wonderfully naughty girl!

  6. What a fantastic place. The mind boggles at all the scenarios that could be played out there ! Hard work but worth it

  7. Thank you Trad, nice of you to say. Still got plans, but at least it is now usable and I feel back to where I was in my old studio….make a plan, go and shoot, job done. A lot of my work has been in the Study area, and some stories have been on hold. But now I can fly again!

  8. You ought to have applied when I asked for men to come for a shoot, you could have been Kate’s for the day as the other naughty boys had the other girls. No pressure though, but maybe one day.

  9. Yoh dear friend

    What you’re saying about X is quite distressing. When you so kindly mentioned O&P on X there was only would be player. I explained our role play game and helped her prepare a profile and a Proton email, then invited her. She joined and never posted…

    Lately our website has been down while changing host. The old host was milking us with numerous fees. We have found a new host, rebuilt the website, but now waiting for the previous host to release the domain name, and they are taking their sweet time…

    We are not worried, at least for the time being, as we are very active. Thank God that there’s still people able to write, but I am worried about such chat thingies as X…



  10. I understand ‘B’, but the trick is, to link to your blog, I have, and people click on a tweet, like it, then visit. You ought to try it, I will follow you and help you plug your game you know that….I’ll always help a dear friend. So don’t worry about it, embrace it, and use it to your advantage….apart from that it is fun.

  11. Yes Suzette, that just about sums you up….but you missed out curvy, lovely, beautiful and all the rest!!…..oh…and very very funny….and very very very cheeky!

  12. Wow! You’ve obviosly put a sizeable investment into your premises , it looks stunning.

  13. Yes looks very good Asa – you have worked very hard
    I think Kate needs to ride Neddy in Mr Walter’s room ! Perhaps a good gallop ?
    Hopefully I am included still for future visits…

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