8 thoughts on “The Fleshy Studio Tour ~ Part One – Photo Set 531

  1. Naked “almost”ladies in plimsolls, there’s something about the fact that they are both wearing plimsolls that makes them look even more naked, maybe a spot of naked P.E would be in order!

  2. My favourite area.
    Conjures up images of so many stories I read as a youngster. Usually penned by the prolific author “Anonymous”

  3. Yes Fishmiester it is a nice area with good light and subdued light in others. I love the era too, and spanking a girl in open back bloomers is wonderful!

  4. I have haven’t I. A lot of photographers use different models all the time, I chose to get to know three, and their life. We sit and chat, we shoot, and like the other day…Charlotte was up a ladder with a hammer and nails, Kate on all fours cleaning, me pottering between the two. I am not kidding they put a lot of men I have worked with to shame, and best of all, I can just leave them to it. Charlotte was in the Victorian area, Kate in School and I was moving some stuff in the bedroom….I looked around and felt like I was in my own spanking fantasy fairy tale kingdom. They have seen me get old and look after me, and understand me Robert, Charlotte was up the ladder and said…hold my bottom to make me feel safe. Fantastic…..I know I am lucky, and worry about people thinking I show off about my situation. If I do….tell me!

    I just try to show it as it is….spanking friends who create my stories. I know others are not so lucky, so I show my world and try to include the less fortunate….to give them a taste and get to know us a bit.

  5. Hello matey, how are you? Yes Fred, you are right, naked and plimsolls….sexy eh? To be honest it was Kate’s idea, she said….”There might be nails on the floor, shall we put plimsolls on?” Sometimes Fred, it is like there are unseen spirits of spanking, guiding us along with invisible hands, throwing up ideas!

  6. Oh yes, I have got one of those….oh, just a minute….ahh….not a penis…but happiness….come to think of it John, they are both pretty much the same thing!!

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