New Girls for Spanking


A while ago I put an advert out on PP asking for new girls to come to my school for a spanking or more, and the chance to appear in one of my stories.

I was staggered by the response of pretty young girls wanting to come and bare their bottom for a spanking.

I already have my main team of lovely spanking models, that will not change.

I already have a full client list of ‘private customers’ who do not want to be photographed, just spanked in their fantasy scenarios. They come to be spanked for real, very often for a past deed that has troubled them, the most common is bullying someone.

But for one of my stories, I needed new girls, to come straight from court, to my school of correction. To be stripped, put in school uniform, and punished, before being sent to the dormitory to begin their new life. Their sentence, without a criminal record would then begin, under the auspices of Miss Kenworthy. Sometimes a week, sometimes a month, sometimes longer.

The first girl to apply was Molly.



This is not one of my stories. This is a description of what happened with each girl, the real girl, not a story character. The ones who replied to my advert.

Like most newcomers she arrived with her  bag of belongings, and obviously a little nervous. We had written a few times prior to our meeting and I had constantly reassured her that I am a gentleman, and what I do is built on trust, respect, and most of all, recommendation.

I soon put her at ease over tea and cake, and before long she was comfy in my warm friendly company, having a chuckle. Then we talked about her spanking.

She told me why she needed a spanking, it was all to do with being unkind to a young teacher, and making her life hell. 

So, an hour later after shooting her transformation into a naughty girl in  school uniform I gave her a real good telling off about her behaviour, pointing out how the poor young woman must have felt. I told her to imagine the woman was there now, to witness her punishment, and afterwards agreeing to get on with her life, the matter finally being closed.

She said she wished she was.

I told her that if this was in my day as a Headmaster, at my school,  in my office, that even though it was her first spanking, it would be a hard long one on the bare, and if she did not apologise and show true regret, I would use the plimsol on her bare behind and quite possibly finish with the cane!

In real life she had had her bottom smacked and stroked, but she had never been spanked. I told her quite plainly that she needed a good spanking and would feel better for it, and that there is only one person who decides when it is over…


This scared her a little, so I offered a safe word and assurance that I would stop instantly. But added, that for her own good she should try to struggle on through the pain and shock, to the end, and be grateful that someone has finally put an end to her guilt.

She agreed.

I told her to stand to my right as I sat on an old wooden chair. I instructed her to lift her gym slip, and lower her knickers to her knees. I turned to take her hand, her delightful pussy was only two feet from my nose. I gave a gentle tug and over she came. Her virginal soft pert young bare bottom arched up towards me, trembling. I could feel her nervousness on my lap.

It was a tense moment, the whole world at that instant condensed to her, in my secluded, perfectly safe spanking sanctuary, draped over my knee. We could make as much noise as we liked, nobody would hear or disturb us. The air was  still, sunlight illuminated her firm young cheeks, her fine downy bottom hair stood up.

I wrapped my left arm around her tiny waist and gripped. I raised my right hand, holding it stiff and firm in a slight arch to match the curve of her cheeks.

Using all my skills I began, straight into a hard fast flurry of firm smacks. Four on her right cheek, two on the left, three to each then two on each alternating. The poor girl screamed, bucked and wriggled!

She had no idea where the next resounding smack would fall.

Her right arm flew around in instinctive protection.

Ha! I was ready for that! I caught it easily around the wrist and forced it to the small of her back. ‘How dare she try to block me?!’

The noise she made was a series of loud hisses in the sharp form of …

“Ahh ahh ahh ahhh!”

It spurred me on, her bottom was soon hot and crimson.

No safe word was shouted, so I swung high, and landed hard, watching the shock waves ripple through the soft flesh like the sea might on the shore in a stiff breeze.

“I’m sorry Miss Worthington…I’m so sorry!” She wailed.

I believed her, the apology shot forth repeatedly, in earnest, between her squeals.

I finished the bare  bottom spanking using just my fingers, hard and stiff, each smack leaving four white stripes for a brief moment in time as I said loudly “Let this be a lesson you will never forget young lady!”

She squealed her reply as her bottom bounced “Oh it is Mr Jones! I won’t ever forget…thank you, thank you!”

I stopped.

Here are a couple of photos of her bottom after I had spanked her, in position for the shoot…

Breathing hard I watched her cheeks settle. Neither of us spoke for a few minutes as I gently stroked her bottom.

She spent a while in corner time reflecting…

We continued the shoot, taking photos of her red bottom. She asked if I minded if she masturbated at the end. This is very common. I consented and watched. 

As she left she thanked me and asked…”Next time can I try the plimsoll?”


The next new girl, in September is Karen, she is playing a girl called Lisa, a name picked by one of my Twitter followers.

Well, she arrived and her spanking was lovely. Not delivered by  myself, but by Samantha who gave her a crisp half dozen of the cane too. I always enjoy watching a spanking live, I look at everything in great detail. The shockwaves on the bottom, the expressions in their faces, even little details like smoothing a skirt, or folding a pair of knickers.

She was a much more confident young woman than Molly. 

Very compliant too….we’d like to cane you now, is that okay? “Yep!”

I remember all those years ago when I started this journey, thinking, ‘are there really attractive young women out there who want and need a good hard spanking?

Yes, yes yessss indeed Asa, if only I could go back in time and reassure myself then. What would I say? Something like….”just start off with your dream. Do it steady, build up slow. Alwaysbe a nice warm hearted understanding gentleman. Show gratitude and understanding…always, even if they change their mind at the last minute. Build somewhere safe to do it in. Once one comes, that’s all it takes, just one, and then like a forest fire, it spreads and grows! This is you talking Asa! Look, it’s me! A bit more wrinkly, but yes, this old face is you. Ten years from now you will have spanked lots and lots of bottoms, all belonging to genuinely nice educated girls, beautiful girls who have bottoms to die for. And get this Asa! I now gave a waiting list!”

…I told her of the story and she drifted I to the role easily. It was like spanking magic taking place.

Like Molly she was made to change into a school uniform. Watching her strip from her day clothes was a joy. The transformation from a modern young woman to a naughty schoolgirl is always amazing to me. Even my girls. They walk in, full of the confidence that years of modelling experience brings, with all the praise and adoration of how lovely they are. But put a school uniform on them my friend, and watch!

Taking photos in these situations becomes so very real. We three, or more, or less, travel back in time, itis a phenomenon really. I hope explain it well!

Truely it is, their whole persona and body language changes. I watched her strip naked, doing exactly as told, and…trust me on this, loving every…single…second! She was trembling in excitement.

Samantha looks tall and intimidating in this mode. Such a gentle well spoken woman and very genuine. But once she is her ‘Domme’ mode, she changes in the opposite spectrum of spanking.

Karen was in awe of her, trying to please her and doing every little thing for her as best she could.i noticed her thigh was wet, she was dribbling with excitement.

Samantha loves to humiliate and stretch the gap between a Domme and a submissive as far as she can. She gave her the largest regulation navy blue school knickers to wear!

The spanking was magnificent. From the ordering to get over her knee, to putting her in corner time. The smacks were full on, hard and fast. Karen squealed and wriggled. A proper yelp, every smack, it was very erotic to watch. And even more to listen to!

To me, a spanking does not have to be brutal. Just firm and crisp,  making them wriggle to escape. The joy of a woman keeping in position during a bottom warming spanking, because they need it, because it is exactly the experience they  crave, and…they want to please you by taking as much as they possibly can is ‘spanking heaven’. To hear their ties of pain, to see the struggle of the ‘spanking dance’, to be in complete control of their bottom!

They know that the spanking will only finish when either I or Samantha say so. They have to take  it.

We watch for every sign of going to far, but some say…”no, give me no mercy!” I love them best of all. Lucy is a prime example.

Here is Karen’s bottom straight after her spanking. I would class it a typical schoolgirl spanking of the time. Enough to hurt and teach a lesson. A good dose of humiliation before her friends to follow too.

The humiliation being that glorious spectacle of spanking, ‘Corner Time’.

Asa’s note…

This is one of those stories, that will never end. Whenever stuck for a shoot idea, then I will invite a girl for a spanking and photograph it.