The Naughty Estate Agent

It was her big opportunity.

She had worked at ‘Jones and Sons’ for eight years now, and her superior had just gone on maternity leave. This was just what she had hoped for, an old ruin in Yorkshire had just come on the market, a big gothic place, which the Managing Director said could be ideal for a T.V. or Film Set.

She was dispatched to a beautiful old village, all expenses paid, to survey the site, take photos, and make a portfolio for presentation to the ‘big’ T.V. and film people. In fact, anyone in media who might be interested.

It was a big task. They gave her two weeks to do it, which was more than generous. 

After her first night at the ‘Black Lion’ she had a full English breakfast, and set off to find the ruin, armed with a set of keys. The sun shone, the scenery was beautiful, the sky was blue. What could possibly go wrong?

An hour later, after trying various keys, she was there. The huge squeaking iron gates locked behind her. She got out of her car, which would be perfectly safe locked in, and set off for an initial exploration.

Straight away she fell in love with the place. Crows flew into the air filling the sky with noise, but soon settled to be replaced by the gentle hum of bees, and tranquil bird call. 

“Wow! What a place!”

She began by going in the front doorway.

Straight through to the back doorway, and outside again. Something about the light shining through the rear opening beckoned her. The back of the building was mysterious, in the fact that the south wing had a portcullis of sorts.

She walked to it. Almost mesmerised by it, she had dreamed of places like this, but to be here alone, with the keys, just to wander and explore, was a dream.

Her office and responsibilities began to fade quickly. ‘Plenty of time for all that!” she thought.

The Portcullis was like a magnet, she walked quickly to it, turned and backed on to it. “Oh God! This is so like my naughty dreams.” She thought to herself. She took a deep breath and filled with bravery in this enchanted place, she shouted to the heavens…”I want fastening to this portcullis naked! I want to be spanked, hard, then fucked senseless! I am a dirty pain loving bitch!”

The birds flew into the air again, and like some huge organ in a church, breaking the holy silence with a cacophony of noise! Her own voice echoed off the walls…

“bitch….bitch…bitch…” Slowly fading. She laughed aloud, very aloud, and again the echoing laughter came  back. 

Slowly things went quiet again, an orange tip butterfly fluttered by, to settle on a bright yellow clementine. She felt very much alone, very much excited, and very much in need of her fingers in her dripping wet cunt!

She just could not help herself. It was as if her pussy was shouting at her, “ohhh fuck work, get your fingers busy and fuck me!”

She reached up to grab her tight white panties, which were sopping wet, and pulled them down to the floor.

The feeling of being so very naughty made her drip, she was desperate to get her fingers busy.

“How naughty! I’m getting paid, I should be working, but here I am in the open air, with my knickers down at my ankles!”

The cool air hit her pubic hair and pussy lips, sending a delightful shiver up inside her. She slid to the floor to open her legs and stretch the tight white panties…wide.

It didn’t take her long to cum, twice. The muscles in her cunt gripped her middle finger in spirals it was so intense. She shouted out loud…”I am such a naughty girl fingering my cunt, getting my bottom mossy,…I need spanking! A good long hard bare bottom….ooooooooh…spanking!”

The word echoed off the walls like a hand slapping some firm young buttocks.

Slowly the echo faded, and her amour subsided. The birds came back one by one to settle in the branches.

Her first day at work …::smile::… had passed, it only took that one day for Kate to fall in love with the ruin, it had a sort of hold on her, her pussy had never felt so good. Either to touch and feel, or from her insides, to be touched, fingered and felt.

She went back to the Black Lion, ate well, masturbated in bed, then slept like a log.

She was up late, just in time to be the last one to the breakfast buffet. She treated herself to a magnificent ‘fry-up’ and set off eagerly to the ruin.

As she approached it, down the quiet country lane, it was even better than meeting it for the first time. It was like meeting an old trusted friend. Her face beamed, her pussy went wet.

Kate stripped to her fresh white knickers, opened the gates, feeling confidently secure in her solitude. After parking the car, she walked in just her knickers and shoes, through the ruin, to the portcullis. 

It was a little cloudy, and deliciously cool. She backed on to it, the metal, the intense cold of it, felt like a whip lash to her back and bottom. “Somebody come and tie me to this and fuck me without mercy! Let me be your whore! Three of you! One up my cunt, one in my mouth and one right up deep in my arse!” She shouted to the breeze.

Once more Ravens, rooks and crows called back to her in alarm as they rose into the air. She laughed loudly. Never had she felt so decadent and free.

She let her knickers fall to her ankles.

Holding on to some old cord, maybe washing line that she had picked up on her wandering a, she threaded it into the metal and imagined herself waiting to be used by a gang of warriors who had taken some medieval village.

“Gang rape me! Hold my legs up and take me one by one you filthy animals! I’ll wear the fuckng lot of you out! Fill every orifice I have with your warm sticky spunk!”

She turned to the portcullis, the cold metal made her nipples stick out like a cartoon characters eyes in a crisis!

She wiggled her bottom as if inviting the dirty bearded hoard! Then she pushed up to each and every one of them as they pumped into her, again and again, big rough bellies slapping her buttocks, dirty hands holding her hips as she begged for more, wearing them out one by one.

How she laughed at her wicked thoughts. She ended her fantasy by imagining her bottom was stuck out for each one of the thirty warriors to give her six lashes with their broad leather belts on her bottom. “Thrash my arse you dirty mother fuckers! Make it blister!

Before she knew it, it was early afternoon, another busy day done. “Oh bugger it, I’ll start tomorrow!”

She drove back to the pub, ate well, fingered well, and slept well.

….naughty isn’t she our Kate! More soon…bye!