The Wooden Spoon and Charlotte’s Revenge

Back in her days at school, Charlotte was such a naughty young girl, who got into lots of scrapes, and was spanked or caned many many times. (Luckily for us eh?)

She went to an all girl’s school, where next door there was an all boys school.

You can imagine the goings on near the railings or gates and such like, it was a constant worry for the staff. All the girls were told not to fratenise with the boys, but of course, telling girls at the ages of 16, 17, 18 not to do something, especially when boys are involved, was like telling them to try it!!

Charlotte found a little corner of the playing fields, where, behind a large bush was a space, which bordered onto the boys school. To keep a long story short, she eventually got to know quite a few of them and  found that showing her bare bottom to them whilst they masturbated could be quite rewarding financially!

The word spread eventually to the staffroom, and the headmaster at the boys school caught her out, and after getting her name from a school book in her satchel, he reported her to the Headmistress of the girls school.

Her Mummy was summoned to the school to hear all about her daughters behavior, she was a proud lady and had never been so embarrassed in her life as she was at the interview. After all her previous misemeanours it was a case of sort it out or remove her from the school!

Charlotte had already suffered a spanking from Miss Black, and was in great danger of a public caning in the main hall.

Mummy managed to talk Miss Black out of exclusion, by saying that she would deal with her at home, and make sure she would never repeat this action again.

This is where our story begins,  Mummy has driven Charlotte home in silence, obviously fuming!

spoon a

Very little was said during the journey, Mummy just kept tutting and shaking her head. But when they pulled up the drive the wrath of Mummy exploded!

“Don’t you ever, I mean EVER show me up like that again young lady. My word you are going to have such a sore bottom tonight!”

Mummy got out of the car, leaving Charlotte very nervous indeed.

spoon b

Mummy made her way to Charlotte’s door, the footsteps getting closer made her shudder in her tummy.

spoon c

Mummy opened the door and yanked Charlotte out by her hair!

spoon d

Poor Charlotte knew a very bad spanking was on its way and was soon out of the car heading towards it!

spoon e

Her bottom got its first smack before even reaching the back door, everyone around could hear, Mummy was telling her off so loudly!

spoon f

It was a sunny day, people were around, and soon they began to gather at the end of the drive, or across the road, to see what the commotion was! It didn’t bother Mummy at all, and things got rapidly worse for our naughty girl, her dress was pulled up and she got some smacks on her knickers, whilst the people could see.

“Stop Mummy please…people can see!”

spoon g

Things got rapidly worse for Charlotte, or from the onlookers point of view, better!

Her Mummy spoke very loudly to them all, “She has been a very naughty girl and is going to get a damn good spanking on her bare bottom! You all wait there for a while and you’ll hear, but let it start right here!!”

Without further ado Mummy pulled her knickers down and gave her six brisk smacks!

spoon h

“Awwww no Mummy no, please don’t, look the girls from the posh school are here now!”

Two of her biggest rivals from the posh estate were now stood laughing and pointing at her.

Mummy was still not deterred, she pushed Charlotte into the kitchen, and deliberately left the door open, so Charlotte could hear them talk and giggle, and the growing crowd could hear the smacks and squeals!

spoon i

smack…. owwwwww   smack… ohhh Mummy stop my bottom my bottom it hurts! ….smack smack owww ooooh!!

“This is only the start young lady!”

The crowd outside hushed as they listened to the proceedings… everyone knew what a very naughty and sometimes quite haughty young girl she was. Little sympathy was coming, in fact a lot were saying ‘she has needed this a long, long time!’

Her telling off went on and on and people began to laugh again as details of her naughtiness were shouted by Mummy.

“Ohhhh don’t shout so loud Mummy, please!”

“Shut up! Everyone is going to know your shame you little hussy!”

spoon j

“It’s no good looking so sorry for yourself, and mark my words you will be doing soon, it’s the wooden spoon for your bare bottom madam!”

Charlotte heard the intake of breath and murmers from the crowd outside and the neighbours over the fence too.

spoon k

Charlotte was close to tears, but a strange feeling was rushing through her body. The fact that people could hear, and had already seen her get spanked a little excited her. Her pussy liked the experience, she wanted more humiliation.

spoon m

She watched sulkily as Mummy went for the wooden spoon.

spoon n

When Mummy came back she told her, “Right, I am going to show your bottom no mercy with this Charlotte, upstairs with you, to your bedroom, right now!”

spoon o

And so the chase began. Charlotte desperately trying to avoid the stinging smacks of the wooden spoon and Mummy trying to redden her cheeks every step of the way…

spoon p

Charlotte had been chased upstairs before, and as soon as Mummy began lifting her skirt she was off!

“Did I give you permission to pull those knickers up Charlotte?” shoted Mummy, her voice could be heard outside and this bought forth a fit of giggles, they could all picture  what was happening!

spoon q

The staircase acted like an echo chamber, each smack resounded as did each squeal! The upstairs windows were open and the ‘audience’ could follow the performance!

spoon r

smack! oooooowwww!

Charlotte tried so hard to flee, but Mummy had a firm hold of her dress, she could feel herself losing her balance!

spoon s

whack!! oooooh….ooh oooh

Mummy pulled her back, she was going to make the most of the spanking on the stairs, poor Charlotte felt like she was climbing through treacle, another resounding smack on her left cheek made her scream…..owwwwwwwwwwww my bottom, my bottom, oh Mummy please stop please stop!

spoon t

That will be a bruise in the morning!

The stairs gave an ideal position for her bottom to be spanked almost at eye level, so Mummy did just that!

spoon u

Charlotte was wriggling furiously now, but there was no escape for the naughty girl.

spoon u spoon v

As one mark faded another was applied, Mummy was in full swing, and with all her might Charlotte pulled almost free. Mummy was hanging on to her knickers!

“Mummy you are ripping my school pants!”

“I’ll rip them off in a minute, conme back here!”

The crowd outside laughed at this.

Oh dear, Charlotte slipped and the step onto the landing acted as a spanking bench where Mummy got two really good stinging smacks well placed on the centre of each cheek of her delightful rump!

spoon wspoon x

At least at the top of the stairs there was an end in sight for the burning of her cheeks, her bedroom, “Right…in you go!”

spoon y

“But Mummy, everyone will hear my spanking, they are all out there and the window is open, please please no…no no Mummy please!”

No choice was given…smack smack smack…”In  NOW!!”

spoon z

“Get over there” shouted Mummy. The bedroom glowed a beautiful pink to match her rosey bottom!

spoon z1spoon z2

Charlotte was now doing exactly as she was told and hurried to the spanking position, her bedroom window, where the crowd was stood below, waiting.

“Here she is!”

Oh the humiliation…

“Right young lady, present that bottom, come on, on tip toes. Now keep your eyes open and look at the all, now tell them you are a naughty girl and need a jolly good spanking!”

She could see them all, twice as many as expected and right at the front were the posh girls, but now six of them! They pointed and giggled at her predicament again.

“I am a naughty girl and need a jolly good spanking, don’t I?”

They all shouted…”YES!!!”

spoon z3

And so it began….Charlottes most humiliating spanking ever, a public one on her own street, in her own bedroom, before neighbours and rivals, oh the shame. They saw her hop and jump about, they heard every smack and squeal.

spoon z3

spoon z4

spoon z5

Once more the sensation hit her, being on view, being humiliated made her pussy throb, it made it moist, she was so turned on!

“Right, that’s the public spectacle over with, I hope you feel disgraced and ashamed of yourself!”

Charlotte thought…. “Actually I was almost cumming!”

spoon z6

She was pulled into Mummy’s bedroom…

spoon z7Her spanking from Mummy was over, then as she finished her telling off she told her to bend over the clothes rail.

Charlotte wondered why she was there if her punishment was over, but then came those awful words….

spoon z8

“You just wait until daddy gets home!!” And just then she heard a car door….oh no!!!!


Charlotte still continues to be naughty, and still gets her delightful bottom spanked quite often, but let me tell you about what happened around three months after the above story.

It began in her bedroom, which incidentally  is decorated in the manner of a Princess, suits her don’t you think?


She earned a little money from odd jobs and helping out after school at a cafe from time to time.  Shoes were a great love and she was saving up for a lovely pink pair she had seen. Only that morning she had counted the money, and in her bedroom after school she had three pounds to put away in her special box, so feeling pleased she counted it again, only to find there was £30 short!


Her little face looked quite sad as she tried to puzzle out what could have happened, an idea shot into her head, but surely it couldn’t be that, so she checked the money again, just to make sure.



It was definitely missing!

Her mind raced and no matter how hard she tried to think of another explanation, she couldn’t. You see, her Mummy also had a passion for shoes, and had been wanting this pair for weeks whilst they were in a sale, which ended today, surely she wouldn’t have  taken it,

….surely not!

There was only one thing to do, ask her, but how?


So off she set, she could hear her downstairs, in the kitchen.


Half way down the stairs she stopped to think, was she being silly?

No! It was the only possible reason she could think of.


“Mummy…are you there, I don’t suppose…ohhh!”


There, before her very eyes was Mummy, proudly looking at the shoes, and she knew from what Mummy had said that she could not afford them.


Mummy tried to explain best she could.




All the usual excuses which Charlotte herself had tried many times came tumbling out of Mummy’s mouth.

I was going to put it back.

I was only borrowing it.

I needed the shoes, the sale ended today!


A strange but wonderful thing happened then. Where her voice of authority came from she will never really know, but she told Mummy that if this was her she would spank her for it, and seeing as the roles are reversed she thought the same should happen to Mummy!

“So Mummy, I am going to spank you, over to the sofa NOW!!”

Charlotte walked over to the sofa and sat down.


It was an amazing feeling, she began to use the same words Mummy would use, and believe it or not Mummy obeyed her, meekly.


She looked up at Mummy, and as calmly as you like she said …

“Well? I’m waiting, over my knee now young lady!”

Young lady indeed, but yes, she altered the roles completely and Mummy did as she was told without question!


Just like a naughty school girl Mummy began to bend over her knee, oh Charlotte was going to enjoy this! All those times she had been over her Mummy’s knee for stinging spankings. Now she was going to make her pay. The moment she began to bend over was wonderful!


Charlotte’s face lit up the moment her Mummy was over her knee!

Look at her smile, she is loving it isn’t she?


Mummy’s trousers came down in an instant

“Are you ready Mummy, you naughty girl?”


“Awwww, yes I am, I am ready for my spanking, I am indeed a naughty girl” said Mummy, and it began in ernest, a resounding smack echoed across the room instantly.


smack, spank, crack….. Charlotte’s hand began to rise and fall, cheek to cheek as the memories of those spankings flooded in, she knew exactly where it hurt most and how it felt!



“Ohh owwww ooooh my bottom, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”

Mummy tried her best to get mercy but none came, Charlotte new very well what it was like to ask for mercy, only for the smacks to get harder and faster!

So without further ado she yanked her Mummy’s knickers down and proceeded on the bare!


“Yes Mummy, on the bare bottom! You are a naughty girl and need a bare bottom over the knee spanking don’t you?”

Charlotte hated it when Mummy asked her this, so knew how Mummy would feel.

“Yes, I am, owwww a naughty oooooooh girl smack smack smack, and I need a good hard bare bottom, oohhhh owww over the knee spanking!”


Charlotte giggled which added to Mummy’s humiliation!

smack smack smack spank!


The spanking was now in full flow, Charlotte was enjoying her role and Mummy was finding out what a heavy hand her daughter had got.


Charlotte could see her Mummy’s bottom getting red, so she concentrated on the ‘sit spot’ she knew how much it hurt.

Then she saw a movement out of the corner of her eye, Mum was trying to move the slipper out of sight, so she told her Mummy sternly, “Pass me the slipper you naughty girl!”

“No not the slipper, Charlotte, please no no no not the slipper!”

“Oh yes…the slipper!”


Mummy was wriggling and kicking like a fourteen year old, screaming and making such a fuss!

whack! went the slipper, as it landed full force…ooooowwwwwww!Another ten or fifteen smacks with the slipper followed fast and hard as the spanking came to an end.

Charlotte, panting and out of breath then said something which made her feel powerful and dominant.

“Now get to your room!”

Oh how often had she left the room with a stinging red sore bottom with those words ringing in her ears!


“…and don’t let it happen again Mummy”

Mummy was crying and dying to rub her bottom as she left saying.

“No Charlotte, I won’t, I’m sorry….sniff”


That night somthing beautiful happened.

Charlotte lay in bed masturbating at what had happened.

And at the same time, Mummy did the same, as she lay rubbing her bottom feeling the heat.

The End

*  *  *

Asa’s note…

…this story reached a natural conclusion so will not be continued.

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