The Little Town of Spankington

You have by now come across ‘my girls’, my main four models.

Alphabetically they are Charlotte, Kate, Stephanie and Samantha.

You are now going to meet them in miniature! ….update, Lucy has left us, and we wish her well. She has been replaced by Stephanie.

You see, apart from spanking, the love of the female bottom, writing, painting, antiques and the study of antiquities, I have another great passion. Steam trains!

I am making a train set, I love the modelling more than running the trains. My train set is set in and around the fictional little town of Spankington.

The Girl’s School in the town is Saint Winnifreds, run by the very strict Miss Kenworthy.

Four girls in particular aree very naughty indeed, and this never ending story is to concentrate on their exploits. There was hardly a week went by with at least one of the naughty girls ending up with a red, bare, sore bottom.

Let me show you an example…

Only last week, Charlotte and her three friends went to the chip shop at lunch, it was called ‘Grandad’s Chip Shop’, run by an elderly man called Malcolm. He knew very well that the shop was out of bounds, but he was usually an old softie and let girls have a bag of chips, so long as they only came once a week.

Today, for some reason only known to naughty Charlotte, she succumbed to temptation and put a bottle of cherryade in her satchel, without paying. Malcolm saw this in the mirror as her put some chips on a bag for them to share. He asked if she was going to pay, but she began to run!

He grabbed her collar, looked in her satchel and before witnesses, took it out. Along with an exercise book, which gave him the girl’s name. He rang school and within a quarter of an hour, Miss Kenworthy was strutting by the shops on Station Lane, brandishing a cane.

Malcolm said a spanking in the back room would suffice, but ‘Oh no!” Shouted Miss Kenworthy, for this, a hard dozen with the cane outside the shop was the deemed punishment!

Within a minute, the girl was on public view, squealing and struggling as a very firm dozen strokes of rattan cut into her bare young buttocks. Malcolm stood watching along with a gathering crowd who said it was what she deserved, and it ought to be two dozen!

It was a day Charlotte would not forget for a while, and to add insult to injury, her three friends watching were told they would each get a bare bottom spanking on their return to school! For going ‘out of bounds’

Kate was the next one to get in trouble…big trouble, she got caught smoking, under age, and fare dodging on the local bus. Upstairs on a double decker, she hid behind a seat, to save paying and having her fare to spend on sweeties. But she was smoking, the silly girl! The smoke trail led the bus conductor straight to her!

How the passengers laughed at her plight and swift justice as he dragged her by the ear, bent her over the high back step up on to the bus, yanked her knickers down, and with a stout stick he keeps in the luggage compartment, gave her a good hiding before them all.

Samantha was the next girl to get in trouble. She was in the cafe, and because of her passion for cake…

Note, this is true, for a young woman with a lithe body and slim waist, her capacity for eating cake is quite remarkable!

…In the cafe she had eaten two, then looked in her purse, to find only a few pennies, and decided to steal a cake off the table next to her when the gentleman, a regular, a bus inspector, who was sat there, went to the toilet.

The only thing was, she had two chocolate ones and when the man questioned her, and caught the attention of Ruth, the owner of the shop, who came to talk to her, the woman stared at Samantha’s face and said, “Just a minute young lady, let me get my order pad.”

She came back to point out that she had had two chocolate eclairs, so why did she have strawberry jam on her face? And a paper napkin with it on too? The missing cake was a strawberry jam doughnut!

She confessed.

Unfortunately, at that moment P.C. Tawse came in for his usual cup of tea and toasted tea cake. He was a strapping man, and his tummy ruled him. To walk in with a sense of hungry expectation, and have it dashed when he was asked to intervene. Annoyed him, he dealt with the matter quickly!

Ruth dragged the girl upside, pulled her knickers down and dealt with the matter swiftly as P.C. Tawse recommended. Samantha’s friends were on their way to meet her, only to find her getting a bare bottom spanking and her bottom almost the colour of blood!

When the P.C. The Bus Inspector and Ruth were satisfied with the glow, Samantha was told to pull her panties up and go, but poor Samantha had a terrible shock then, as she noticed her neighbour stood watching in her red coat. “I am going to tell your Mummy about this!”

Ruth, the P.C. and Inspector laughed as they saw her face, and said, ‘she’ll not be coming to sit on one of your wooden chairs for a while!’

I will tell you of some more of their notable exploits as time goes by, so call back, often….but if I write too much on one story it gets sluggish, so…from now on, it will continue in scenes.


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