More Louis Malteste

This shop assistant at a milliners has been rude to a customer, pretend it is you! You are stood watching as she shouts ‘sorry’ and begs for forgiveness. The owner says she will not stop until you are satisfied. You can see the glow of her bottom through her undergarments. You are contemplating asking her to remove them.

Mummy has chased and caught her daughter. Now she has trapped her and sat on her! Pulling her bloomers down to deliver a bare bottom birching. The girl seems resigned to it, and not that bothered. She seems intent on keeping her mummy angry. Maybe she likes it hard and fast!?

The maid has been rude to the young arrogant Mistress. So the Mistress of the house has asked the Housekeeper to teach her a lesson ‘she will never forget’. Imagine how the maid feels. Ten years older than the girl, and knowing that in earning this punishment she has made a rod for her own… bottom. The girl will be keen to repeat this experience, the maid has no choice but to be polite to her and obey her. Such is the class system, when intertwined with domestic discipline.

A young teacher being thought the art of spanking and birching on the bottom of a naughty young girl.

Oh look! It is a vintage version of my girls, Samantha, Kate and Charlotte! It could be a scene from ‘The Book’.

Actually this is something I am eager to do, turn as many of these into photos as I can.

Not exact copies, but my version of them. I could put them at the side of these couldn’t !?

The younger sister has had her spanking from the hand of her mother. But it was worth it! Just to see her older sister get the birch!

Nuns! Often associated with spanking and they crop up all over my other pages, even my girls have dressed as them. I suspect the plumper rump here is the instigator of the trouble, and is going to get it much harder.

Here are two more…

They look quite serious about it. I am sure some must have found it very pleasurable. I can imagine them fingering themselves in their ‘cell’ as they thought of it, frantically begging forgiveness as their orgasm built! ‘Forgive me father, I have sinned……oooooh….again…mmmmmmmm!’

Sorry if that offended you….it is my filthy mind shining through the darkness of my pages!

Oh I love a double spanking. Emma and I dressed up in Victorian clothes to spank our maids, Charlotte and Kate. The sound of mingled smacks and squeals….the odd glance into each other’s eyes…the admiration of each other’s skills, and of course, seeing the bottoms blush in the shape of our hands. I am always intruiged by the bit of a ‘red thumb print’….lol

Oh God! I love these scenarios…a younger sibling,matching the older one get it. ‘You should know better at your age…..smack!’

Oh look…another Nun!

Oh my Mr Malteste! You do know how to press my buttons! When I found your art it was as if someone opened the top of my head and pressed all the buttons in my brain!

Look at them! I love everything about it, especially the eagerness of the watching girls on the right. Maybe they are great rivals of the girl getting it!

“Thank you my dears, you were very good girls to come and tell me what you found Clara doing with the big candle! I assure you she was not screaming in pain, and no invisible ghost was hurting her! We will talk of it later! I am not actually punishing her for the act, but for doing it in the bay window with the boys watching! Now let this be a lesson to you! When you are both 22 you will still get spanked too, if you are naughty!”

Two lesbian friends spanking each other in the candle light of a victorian parlour. I need say no more…::dreamy sigh::

Bloody hell! More Nuns!

In the days of this art, it was quite alright to put young girls in the artwork. I suspect that they are pupils, and the teacher is being punished. I wonder what and why? Maybe we had better not go there!

Look how delighted the onlooker is to see the other girls bottom going red, and see her pussy…..:smiles:…. And look at your reflection, now I have put that thought in your dirty little mind! And stop masturbating! There is plenty of time for that… have loads more to look at yet!

This looks like a preliminary sketch for a part of a bigger scene. Probably done quickly from the models, to insert into a scene later. I love the idea of girls comparing bottoms, especially after a spanking!

What a saucy look the spankee has! Reminds me of the female bawdy hoses which specialised in spanking. Maybe she is a client choosing a girl’s bottom. If you want to learn more about these, try my story, ‘The Inveigle’ on my FREE story page.

This looks interesting. I can imagine three young ladies out for a walk, and their talk has gone to spanking. Soon a bundle of silver birch twigs are bound together with a shoe lace or two and they birch this girl.

The young maid has been caught trying to hide a broken piece of china after lying about it and blaming another girl. She is getting a severe birching from the Head Housekeeper before the family.

Oh what a lovely scene this is. Three friends with a love of spanking. It is too friendly to be a punishment.

Once again, it looks like friends with a love of spanking, ready to birch each other’s beautiful bottoms, and the same with this little trio.

Oh my word! If this was done from a model I would love to have in my team. Such a tiny waist and pert plump bottom.

Is this someone thinking of a past spanking / birching? Or a girl looking over her shoulder to entice her Mistress to give one? Alas, I do not know. This is from an unknown novel.

Another young woman looking for a spanking from an experienced Domme, and has gone to ‘The Inveigle’.

An older sister has been bullying her younger sister for ages, and has finally been found out. A spanking before her younger sister is indeed suitable punishment. Especially as the young girl has just been asked to fetch the clothes brush. And a birch!

Once again, may I remind you that these are from times past, when it was acceptable to illustrate a young girl getting spanked.

You just know they are coming down soon don’t you. What lovely knickers they are though.

Another customer at the Inveigle picking a bottom to spank. I think that the girl has just been deemed acceptable.

A bad loser who embaressed her team captain by breaking her racket, gets a spanking at the clubhouse doorway for all to see!

Ahhh memories, I had a copy of this book and it introduced me to his art.

Brilliant isn’t he?

What better way to conclude? A struggling naughty schoolgirl having her knickers yanked down before a class full of girls ready for a bare bottom spanking!

Imagine a girl has been bullying you for years, and others. She is found out when caught tormenting you and the rest of the class join in with accusations. With glee, you find the teacher lets you gave her on your back!

You feel every blow as she pushes against you, screaming and crying! The cracks on her bare bottom delight you and the mocking crowd!

There are lots of his pictures out there to find. Have fun searching, but trust me…nothing beats having a 100 year old musty smelling book in your hand, and turning a page to find a new spanking picture….