More Herric

So much inspiration for my own stories and photographs come from this man. As you have already seen, his art is fabulous. There may be a few duplicates in here, but better to see them twice than never!

In this section you will find a lot of references to how I am using his work for inspiration of illustrations in a story I am working on…

This is Lady Jacqueline, I will be using Kate for her and have already taken some photos to use.

Here she is in her lesbian attire, spanking a maid, could it be Charlotte or Samantha? You will have to wait and see until I reach this chapter!

Now this I could do with the red punishment dress I make the girls wear, a bunch of nettles hanging down as they serve at the table!

This young aristocrat thought she could get away without paying, but a good thrashing on the bare before the customers makes her wish she had!

Oh very posh…there are peacock feathers mixed in with the birch, how exotic! I would rather like to spank a young couple with one of my girls helping me! Any volunteers? Imagine kissing the love of your life whilst Charlotte and I whack your bare bottoms. Or Samantha and I punish you as you fuck…hmmm

I can dream!

I love this, and will certainly do it with one of my girls, well done Mr Houruard!

I am going to spank you with these nettles and then leave them between your legs…bitch….my bitch….my dirty little bitch!

By now you will be getting a feel for Lady Jacueline! Have you met her yet? Chapter one is illustrated and ready to read. Just go to my story page, you’ll find it.

I am slowly collecting lots of apparatus as you might have noticed from my photos on Twitter. So I should be able to duplicate this one day. Perfect for Kate’s victorian bottom I think.

One upturned table on another! A few adjustments and hey presto! The idea turns into a specialist flogging device like this.

HERRIC…you are a genius!

Now this is tailor made for a shot of Samantha and Charlotte, don’t you think? But maybe with a view of a presented maid in the background, looking worried as she hears them discuss the various merits of each implement.

The two ladies made their choice I see, a birch. And what a lovely bottom to use it on.

It seems to me, that like a lot of girls in my stories, the submissive is a very grateful recipient of a spanking!

What a fantastic artist he was, you can almost hear it happening can’t you?

Now is this a Domme in role reversal, or is the Domme sat watching?

Maybe this is the view through her eyes as she is masturbating.

Nothing quite like a tight corset to accentuate the appearance of an already shapely bottom. I love the determined expression of the Domme.

My word! This is exotic spanking at its best. It makes Neddy, my rocking horse on which I spank my girls, look quite inadequate!

You all know my dear Lucy and how she loves to be punished on a Saint Andrew’s Cross. So there is only one candidate for this!

This is the picture that made me pick Kate for Lady Jacqueline. She is perfect for it.

Oh my, he has even managed to hint at the hairs in her bottom crack in this one.

He was very fond of enigma drawings, and they do seem to have been popular and linked with spanking stories at the time.

Lady Jacqueline in her ‘masher’ outfit. I wonder what she is saying to her sub?

Oh I adore bottom appreciation between two beautiful curvy women. Excuse me, but I need to be a bit vulgar…

“Go on, you know it is clean, you have just attended to her. Bury your tongue in her tight little ‘rusty bullet hole’ lick her out, drive her wild!”

There…I need to do that sometimes!…lol

Oh, two girls getting thrashed in a barn. I will never see one quite the same again as I go on my rambles.

Note to self…do a barn shoot.

This suggests a spur of the moment spanking between two sexually motivated young women who have just found out they share a love of spanking.

Doesn’t a bottom look great when the rest of the body is clothed. Bared and ready! And her breasts popping out. Wonderful!

More bottom appreciation. Spank it, finger her pussy, then spank again.

I love doing that until they cum, sometimes their leg kicks out in little quick spasms as I do!

Oh wow! A threesome spanking. How nice, I bet she plays with his cock as he spanks!

I love to see a Mistress being spanked by a maid. I think the maid will pay dearly at her next spanking though.

Here is Mistress again, showing herself to her maid. She tells her to masturbate as she watches her do the same.

What a lovely relationship this Mistress and maid have. Next time I see a period drama, it will be at the front of my mind.

Oh bless, let’s leave them to it, imagine the wet quickening noises of rapid fingering as we leave.

There are many more to find out there if you look. Have fun!