More Wighead

This mans art reminds me of visiting some club that never seems to close, in a seedy area of some great city. Let’s go, come on, I am a member. Don’t make eye contact with anyone until we are there. We reach a neon sign with a bent arrow pointing down worn steps, behind some railings. I smile at you and down we go. I sign you in.

We walk into a jazz club, quite decadent and smokey…

Your eyes look everywhere, it is like you have found a home, some place you knew must exist somewhere.

You notice the shaved hairstyle on this submissive and find it strangely erotic because her make up is fabulous.

The smell of rubber and latex, the sound of smacks and sexual groans fill the air.

You see a bound man under two writhing buxom girls. So many rooms.

You see another shaven haired beauty under the heel of Mistress, and then you see a doorway out of the subtle light, and unbelievingly you see a girl on a bike! She is watched by giggling mocking Dommes, the saddle has been changed to a dildo, and is deep inside her cunt, through open crutch tight white panties. We follow her into another lighter room.

The theme is Dominant maids, and nubile young women are serving them and being punished by them. There are tables to sit at, to look and observe, or join in, if you have a mind to.

I leave you to your own devices… You walk mesmerised into the red room.

I stay here, the screams are a little too much for my tastes…