Mario Laboccetta

Working under the name of Mailiac, with a very similar style to Herric. I know he was Spanish, but not a lot more than that.

I think you can see the Spannish influence, put these girls in Flamenco dresses and you can hear the castanets!

Very Art Deco too, don’t you think…

Spanking her bare bottom in a gondola under the stars, could this be the most romanticised spanking ever drawn?

He does like the close up bottom, and high, almost Achilles, boots too.

Oh wow! It looks like light is radiating from her bottom doesn’t it? I love how they are looking. I suppose my face must have looked similar a few thousand times! It is my favourite view….

Have you noticed the bondage? How the Submissives seem to be tied with silk ribbon. And their implements, very arabesque.

These are illustrations from another book…

Hmmmmm interesting! What is she going to do with that? Lubricate her bottom for a strap on?

Looks a bit severe doesn’t he?

Not like me! I might act it in the role, but in reality…my cock is hard, and my life at the moment of spanking is of heightened joy and pleasure!