Karen rides Neddy

Neddy is a firm favourite of my girls and clients, it is a masturbation horse. The way it rock, being so low, and having a read saddle on its back…is…by all accounts, perfect for grinding an excited pussy against.

Here is Neddy all alone in the brown boudoir. Awwww…. But not for long!

Oh hello Karen, does your pussy have a need? Will it make it even better for you if I tell you that lots of people, men and women are going to see your photos. Probably a lot of them wanking.

“Oh God…yessss!”

And now, imagine how it was for me watching. Bed springs making a noise, so too was she, as she rocked and pushed her pussy harder to the saddle. Faster, faster and even faster. Harder, harder and even harder. It was as if I was not there. She came hard…very hard. The saddle was running in juice.

At this stage, this very photograph, she was saying…’fuck, fuck, fuck, oh yes, yes, fuck, oh God yes…yessss….yessssss.. CLICK, I took this.

You will see a lot of Neddy.