Charlotte’s First Visit to Miss Kenworthy

Charlotte is a well brought up young lady, with a crisp English accent. However, ahe can be a little haughty at times and is quite a handful. I have spanked her many times, but now that my school is an Academy of Correction, I am to leave most punishments to Tamara.

I was walking by a classroom and heard a commotion. One of my junior staff, Miss Bendalot, was struggling to keep control. Maybe I ought to spank her at her next staff assessment review, although I’m thinking of having Miss Kenworthy attend them, so I might let her do it instead and it would be more humiliating.

Anyway, I digress. I wrote a quick note, asking Miss Kenworthy to ‘introduce herself’ to Charlotte, and gave it to the girl to deliver to her. Charlotte was obviously the ringleader of all the unrest in the classroom. I sent her to the ‘Punishment Room’, and gave the whole class a reprimand. Then I left Miss Bendalot to it…blushing before the girls.

Charlotte walked slowly to the punishment room, daydreaming no doubt. She is an exceedingly bright girl, with a good imagination. She knocked on the door, and waited.

Inside Miss Kenworthy was writing some reports. It was only 9.30, her punishments usually begin at ten. She heard the knock and stood up. She picked up a cane as she guessed from the lightness of the knock that it must be one of the ‘timid’ girls who had come to be ‘dealt with’.

She stood up straight and shouted…”Enter!”

She backed up to the desk, keeping the threat of her flexible rattan school cane, curved between her strong grip visible.

The door opened.

She was a little surprised to see Charlotte. Mr Jones had pointed her out, and given her the lowdown on her. She knew it was only a matter of time before she was to come through her door. But she expected an appointment, not a surprise visit. She also expected a louder knock.

She walked in confidently. Up to this moment in life, she had never really met a strong dominant woman. Until this moment, it had been to me who she had answered to.

“Ahhh, at last we meet Charlotte. I am surprised it has taken this long, a whole two weeks!”

“Stand up straight girl! Where do you think you are? Hands by your side! Chin up!”

She took the note, read it and stood up. She looked powerful, magnificent and totally in control. Charlotte shrunk back in fear.

She put the cane down, and moved in slowly towards the trembling, moist, Charlotte.

“Listen to me carefully young lady. I am here on merit, I have been a fitness instructor for many years in Remand Schools. I can eat naughty little girls like you for breakfast. I honestly believe that nobody in England can swing a cane as accurately or as painfully as me!”

She moved in closer still. “I have heard all about you, and let me tell you that nothing gives me greater pleasure than bringing a very naughty girl to heel. I’m not….I repeat NOT going to punish you today. I am giving you a chance, just one chance. If you are a good girl from now on, our paths need never meet again. But…. If you carry on as you are, our paths will meet often. It will start with long over the knee bare bottom spankings and I have a very… VERY HEAVY HAND!”

Charlotte shrank a little, backing away from Miss Kenworthy’s intimidating barrage of threats.

Miss Kenworthy continued, “Slowly but surely, using a variety of apparatus and implements at my disposal, this will ultimately lead to a full 36-stroke thrashing with my senior dragon cane before the whole school with you naked and tied to a vaulting horse!”

“Now listen up young lady. If that happens, I will not stand at your side. I will stand one foot past your body, and two feet to the side. I will swing every one of those 36 cane strokes without mercy. Standing in such a place means that the cane will make contact just off your upper left thigh, near your hips. The cane will wrap all the way around your soft little bottom to end in the same place at the other side. I will stripe your buttocks from top to bottom. This I have done on at least fifteen occasions. There will be some blood and you may even pass out! You will beg and scream in pure agony for it to stop, but it WON’T! They will be delivered quickly. There will be no pause until the end of it, unless you have to be revived. All 36 strokes will be delivered, whatever happens. Do you understand me, Charlotte?”

Now feeling totally cowed, Charlotte could only manage to whisper “Yes, Miss Kenworthy.”

“There. You have had your one and only warning. If I have to see you again, you will leave this room next time in floods of tears and an extremely sore bottom. That is without doubt. Now, your bottom’s destiny is in your hands, as it certainly will be after a spanking. Now be off with you!”

Charlotte was in awe. She made her way back to the classroom via the toilets. Where, in a cubicle she stripped naked, and imagined herself on the vaulting horse as she fingered her already dripping cunt to a massive orgasm.

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