Spanked in Detention

Charlotte had been in detention many times, it usually meant lines or an essay. But after being caught charging a £1,00 a time to wiggle her bare bottom for masturbating boys, she got a surprise.

“if you are so intent on baring your bottom young lady, you can bare it for me! ” Says Mr.Watson

“By that, I mean you are getting your bare backside reddened over my knee!”

“It’s no good begging and pleading girl! Come here, now!”

‘Awwww Sir.”

“Now don’t be silly about this. You know I have the authority to do this!. Over you come, get over my knee!”

He sat down and led her over his lap.

He started with a firm dozen on her crisp, tight, white school knickers, her soft rounded cheeks bounced as she let out sharp squeals.

“Oooooh, owwwwww!”

Then her knickers came down. The humiliation of him seeing her red bottom, and no doubt her pussy, would stay with her for life!

She had heard of them, and even wanted to see one, but never had she thought that she would ever get an over the knee bare bottom spanking.

What a loud, struggling, embarrassing spectacle of herself she made!

Mr Watson was so annoyed with her silly behaviour, that he finished off by kneeling her on the spanking chair and striping her naughty bottom with his cane!

Ten years later he saw her in the supermarket with her husband and three children. How he chuckled as she shot away in squirming embarrasment!