Mistress and her Pets – Part 1

Mistress picks up the phone and presses ‘1’…a direct line to her slave girls harem. She counts the number of rings. It rang six times, ‘they will pay for that with six strokes of the cane each, on their pretty bottoms’, she thinks. But for now, she had a need. She stood up when her Head Slavegirl, Samantha answered.

Mistress was a bit of a hygiene freak and wore gloves a great deal of the time. Even for the most personal of jobs when at her toilet. She spoke to Samantha…”Ahh hello dear, I feel a bit tense, I need attention, come here now.”

“Yes Mistress.”

Mistress holds her four rope leashes, and waits, impatiently.

In they came, crawling on all fours submissively.

“Come quickly, form a semi circle at my feet, come, come, quickly girls!”

Starting with Charlotte, she attached a rope leash to each of her naked girls.

“Right then girls, follow me to my relaxation corner and attend to my need.”

She lay on her special place where her girls stroked, and caressed her…


And kissed her…

Then her mind went to her phone call, and their punishment…

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