You spend a while with Charlotte

You also spend a £1.00

Do you remember when Charlotte was punished for showing her bare bottom to the boys whilst they masturbated?

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Well, you might have wondered if her spanking had any effect on her behaviour.

Well…yes. But only in the way she does it now. She decided to do one on ones now, and after school when it is quiet.

Yesterday you approached her for the first time, saying that you had heard she was quite naughty and would show her bottom for £1.00. She replied “Only if you have a good wank whilst you do, and I’d like it if you squirted all over my bottom.”

This, not surprisingly appealed to you. So at 4.15 the following day, you enter room 310 and there she is. She knows that this room is on the floor they clean last of all in the evenings, so all was safe.

“Hello.” She smiles.

She has positioned a stool behind her. “Take your shoes, socks, trousers and underpants off, and sit there. Feel free to say anything, no matter how rude. And don’t forget, when you are about to spurt, stand up and let it fly all over my bare bottom.”

Your cock twitches and as you remove what she asks, it pops out and sways magnificently. You pass her the money, and sit down on the cold stool. Being naked from the waist down, in a classroom with windows all around, at tree top height, is so sexy. You grab your cock and begin to stroke…

“Oh God! Your bottom is beautiful.” You say as you go faster and harder. Your wet glans with its foresking running back and forth makes a wet clicking noise, you also grunt and moan a little. “Ooooh fucking hell, this is lovely Charlotte!”

“Glad you like it, I love your noises!”

She bends forward.

You can feel it rising and wank furiously as you stand and move closer. Your eyes are focussed completely on her bare pert bottom, wiggling and thrusting before you.

Here it cums, it rises fast, the top of your cock goes into spasms, fast wonderful, majestic spasms, spurting warm spunk all over her arse, especially the crack.

Spurt, splatter! Again your cock pulsates in your hand as you let out a low long growl.

She pushes up on her tip toes and stares forward as she feels the warm milky liquid land and run down her cheeks.

She loves the feel of it.