The Girl Next Door

There is a girl who lives next door to you who gets regular spankings. You have heard them and have been excited by them. Today you can hear her getting told off, so find an excuse to do a bit of gardening.

You see, she came home from school and had a cigarette in the garden.

Mummy came home and caught her.

You get your hedge clippers and get as close to her conservatory as you can as the telling off gets louder. “You naughty girl, you are not old enough to smoke! You promised me you wouldn’t! Yet here you are! Get that skirt up and knickers down! It’s a spanking for you!”

In between the bushes you feel safe. A good look around seems to confirm that you are. You open up your trousers, pull them and your underpansts around your bottom and kneel. You begin to masturbate and listen.

The bare bottom spanking begins, the sounds are wonderful. You stand, and look over the hedge, cock in hand, wanking. You can see it taking place!

You push closer. Another look around shows you are still safe. Her bottom is gorgeous!

Wanking harder and faster, you watch and listen as Mummy smacks her lovely bottom, chastising her all the time.

The spanking and chastisement reach their crescendo. You are almost there, but not quite. Then, ohhhh, then! You hear Mummy tell her to stand in shame at the patio doors. You know just the place, a large knot of wood is missing from the fence, you crouch again, watching, still wanking.

Your cock is throbbing now and close to cumming, it gives a delightful tremble as she gets her final telling off.

Where the idea came from, we do not know, but just to the right, two feet below your spy hole is another one. You shove your cock through it and fuck it as you look at her stood in disgrace, it is behind a plant, she cannot see it. But the fact it is in her space makes you feel as though you are fucking her. You cum in spurts, all over the Rose bush. You look down and see it hanging in strands, steaming. You look back to her, and can hardly wait until the next spanking, as spunk drips off your cock into the soil.