The Bannister Rail

Charlotte loves to be my maid or housekeeper and get spanked for being naughty. I asked her to clean the stairs, (a favourite job of hers) whilst I was outside putting a coat of protector on the decking I had built recently.

I had been at it for half an hour, my knees were aching and I was parched. I went in to make tea, and could hear a delightful noise from the hallway. She had succumbed to temptation…again!

Her cleaning equipment was discarded, she had straddled the bannister rail and was rubbing her pussy against it!

I creeped in slowly and watched her until she was close to her orgasm, and told her to stop. I put her in position and spanked her until she had a wonderful climax.

I took my tea and sat on the stairs as she slowly massaged her still throbbing wet pussy on the rail. Her tea was on the little table below her, cooling, she cannot drink it hot. Let’s ask her a couple of questions…

“Do you like being a naughty girl and being caught masturbating?”

“Yes I do, a lot!”

“And being spanked on the bare bottom at the place of your naughtiness?”

“Oh God yes! In fact…oooh…mmmm…I am cumming again Mr Jones, just talking of it…spank me again…oooooh, please….spank…mmmm…me oh Ohhh again!”

Sorry! Got to go! Duty calls…