The Cottage Window, and the ‘Sit Down Dance’.

I took these for ‘Spanking Theatre’. A commission. There were a lot more but here are four. I used Charlotte for this one.

It was a story to do with a man who walked by the same window in this country cottage, and each night he saw…

Well, visit the site. It is a good one, just google SPANKING THEATRE…

See how she is turning to look at you in the last one…

Another commission I did for the same site was the rather ingenious ‘sit down dance’…

A punishment for a naughty girl prior to a spanking, in this situation I want you to imagine Kate is one of a dozen pets, who has misbehaved. I leave her in a room for ten minutes with the other eleven, taunting giggling girls, watching her squirm and wriggle with her knickers pulled up very tight.

Let’s rewind…. imagine the other girls all stood or sat around the chair, eagerly waiting. Chattering excitedly as a blushing wriggling Kate is brought in by me, and made to sit on two cushions.

“Make her do a long wriggly dance for us Mr.Jones!”

I hoist her knickers up high, and tie them securely to the chair.

Then I bind her hands behind her back.

And then as the other girls stamp their feet, and making a ‘build up noise’…taunting “are you ready Kate? It’s time to dance.”

I whip out the cushions making the knickers pull very uncomfortably and painfully in a ‘wedgie’ right up her bum crack and pussy!

“Oooooh, owwww, oh oh oh, ooooh!”

Then a wonderful thing happens as pain and discomfort turn to absolute pleasure, the dance begins as she bucks and wriggles frantically to orgasm. Rubbing her clit against the tight panties faster and faster, sometimes the chair moves two yards as she bucks along to the embarrassing, humiliating taunts, out of control desperately seeking a climax, her legs aching as she cums violently to cheers and applause.

That is when I come back, to untie her, make her kneel on the chair, bottom out, holding the back rail, and spank her bottom until the chair is back to where it started!