Two Naughty Victorian Maids

The old vicarage is now home to a mother and a daughter. Two very severe, harsh women, who expect total obedience from their maids.

The spoilt daughter is jealous of the two pretty young maids, and gets then into trouble as often as she can.

This morning they were cheeky to her, and raised their voices.

Poor spoilt daughter felt ill. The shock of it all made her weak. Mummy has told her to come with her, up to their bedroom, and together they will birch their bare bottoms until she is wholly satisfied.

The two girls hear footsteps on the creaky stairs up to their room…

In they come, brandishing canes and birches. The daughter is distraught and saying she still feels faint. “They were so beastly Mummy, after all the kindness I have shown them… Sniff…sniff.”

“How dare you make my daughter cry? You are not going to sit down for a week for this!”

“Right….both of you, kneel on the bed and bare your bottoms. Which is it to be my poor lamb, my dear sweet girl. How shall we make them dance the ‘Sorry Mistress Dance’….hmmm? The birch or the cane?”

“Oh Mummy, I want them to squeal and squeal, which is the most painful?”

“They say that each blow from a birch is like a thousand bee stings, and spreads quickly to cover their whole buttock. It lasts longer too. It will burn deep my dear.”

She claps her hands. “The birch Mummy, the birch, how many Mummy?”

“Until you can do it no more my dear sweet girl, do not stop until you are fully satisfied.”

The girls are terrified, but what can they do? Lose their jobs with no reference? They would be in the poor house within a week.

They bared their trembling, soft, ripe bottoms…

The thrashing was hard, fast, and furious. Bits of twigs flew everywhere. The girls bucked like young horses, their soft rumps aglow, screaming, and begging for mercy.

None came…

Mummy then advised that her daughter finished alone, until she was spent. “Humiliate them, teach them their place! Roll over, get your pussies up!”

How the daughter laughed at the girls screaming as she thrashed their buttocks and pussy’s red raw. “It will hurt for a week when they wee Mummy, won’t it…won’t it! ” she laughed mockingly.

Mummy laughed too. “Now both of you, say sorry to your superior and beg forgiveness!”‘

Whack! “I’m sorry Mistress…..oooooooooh….I’m sorry!”

Whack! “Forgive us Mistress, …owwwwww….please!”

And so it went on, until she was satisfied.


I bet you hate that bloody daughter, and would like to see the maids birch her!